Little David Hogg Can’t Do Simple Math, Gets SCHOOLED!


Apparently, Common Core Isn’t failing just school kids, but Mr. Know-It-Alls as well.

Boy Wonder David Hogg-Wash tweeted some simple math problems about “Gun Deaths” in America. Little did he know, whatever they taught him in school was either a lie, or the kid really is that stupid.

Hogg-wash compared Gun deaths in America to HIV/Aids, and Illegal drugs overdoses and the Iraq/Afganistan wars claiming gun deaths have killed more than all of those combined. There is only one problem. The little bastard can’t do simple math. It also looks like he can’t spell either.



The pro-gun rights activist and Park Land survivor Kyle Kashuv schooled little Hogg-Wash with the real facts.


You know just as well as I do that little Hogg-wash is doing everything in his power to stay relevant. The media hardly ever mentions his name anymore let alone cover any story on gun violence. None of this will happen until another mass shooting happens, and instead of blaming the person, they’re going to blame the gun, and do everything in their power to enact more gun legislation. I assumed liberals have a little common sense, but after Barack Obama took office, and the stupidity became relevant I now know that facts never matter to Democrats. Only feelings.





Again, facts really don’t seem to matter to liberals. Gun control does nothing except take guns from the good guys and allow the bad guys to keep them. That’s common sense, something liberals have zero of.

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    May 19, 2018 at 12:45 pm

    Fake News website by an anonymous coward.

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