Little Girl Calls Blind Soldier Her ‘Best Friend.’ He Calls HER His Hero [video]


A little English girl calls a 38-year-old soldier – who was blinded in Iraq – her ‘best friend.’ He calls her his hero.

Brown got involved with the charity after he was shot by a sniper on a rescue mission in Iraq. Brown was put into a coma for 18-days, which later left him with just 20% of his eyesight. Describing his accident that happened 11-years ago, Brown says a bullet went through one cheek and came out of the other.

Tempy was inspired to help soldiers when she was just 3-years-old, after she found out the meaning behind wearing England’s version of a soldier’s Remembrance Day poppy.

Simon got involved with the charity after his injury because he wanted to show people there was a ‘person behind the scars’ saying:

“It was that platform, the support, that got behind us. There was a time when soldiers weren’t very proud, we weren’t getting the greatest press and sometimes you were embarrassed to go out in the street with your injuries. This platform meant we didn’t have to hide the scars and people like this show there are people behind the scars. That platform and facing it together with all the little stars that raise the money and give us these opportunities, it’s just phenomenal for me to be involved.”

Tempy’s mother Emily Pattinson explained the little girl’s drive to help soldiers came after she learned about Remembrance Day and buying a poppy saying:

“She just didn’t know what they were, she was only three, so she asked. I explained about giving money to soldiers and families of soldiers who have sadly lost their life. In the literal fashion of a child she didn’t understand why we were giving money to soldiers who couldn’t spend it, so she wanted to do something to give back to the soldiers that are still here.”

At just 3-years-old, Tempy did a 100-meter swim, despite not even knowing how to swim, and raised £50 for Help for Heroes from donations by family and friends.


Tempy then did a triathlon which consisted of another swim, a run, and a bike ride, despite not being very comfortable on a bike.

Friends encouraged Tempy’s mother to post her fundraising online so people could watch her donations pour in. That’s when Help for Heroes got in touch with Tempy, and put her in touch with Brown. Tempy saying:

“I’d met three other soldiers before him but he was the bravest one I met.”

The unlikely friends appeared on the British show This Morning, where viewers were so touched by their story, one viewer even calling Tempy an ‘angel’.

Viewers were touched by the unlikely pair’s close bond, with one tweeting:

“Tempy is such a wonderful girl. How lovely to see her video and all the good she is doing.”

The pair gained attention early this week after they starred in a Help for Heroes video together where Brown thanked Tempy for all her fundraising, with him saying:

“I got shot in the face but I was lucky. It’s because of the challenges you do, and the money you raise and the support you give, that people like me can get better. So that’s why people like you are our heroes.”

Tempy and Brown’s video is the first in a series as part of its new Facing It Together campaign, aiming to show the differences the charity’s supporters make in the lives of veterans and their families.

Simon is one of at least 66,000 ex-British military veterans with life-changing injuries and illnesses in the United Kingdom who need of support. Since Brown was shot by a sniper, he’s gone through 25 operations, and hours of surgery to rebuild his once shattered face.

Mark Elliott, who helped set up the charity in 2007 and the current Advocacy Ambassador for Help for Heroes says:

“It is so important that people from completely different backgrounds and ages can connect through a common cause, and that is exactly what we see here. Help for Heroes is a movement and its inspiration is heroes like Simon Brown.”


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