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London now in panic after terrorist attack, ISIS claims responsibility


Saturday night, 7 people were killed and 48 were wounded after 3 attackers drove a van into pedestrians on a bridge in central London. Another group went out on a stabbing rampage.

Panic spread quickly inside the crowded café when someone sprinted through the doors yelling:
“There is a man with a knife up there, and he’s coming this way.”
Witness Elsbeth Smedley told CNN:
“Everyone ran to the back of the restaurant and crouched down, trying to hide themselves from view.”
Smedley was one of many taking shelter inside Elliot’s, a café just a few blocks south of the London Bridge. Smedley said:
“A man with a ‘massive knife’ charged into the restaurant, and some people weren’t able to escape.”
A waitress hiding behind a partition was the terrorist’s first target. Smedley said:
“He stabbed her in the neck. He stabbed another man in the back, and then he ran out of the restaurant.”
A few blocks away from the café was where a van mowed down pedestrians on London Bridge.

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