In Berlin, Connecticut, a town of just under 20,000, a local mosque was doing well — adding converts and refugees, as well as those already of the faith. Then there moved in a group right next to them that has them a little concerned.

Now, within three miles of the mosque, there lies a Trump campaign headquarters.

Not only that, but, according to the Record-Journal, the Council on American-Islamic Relations is getting involved on behalf of the Islamic Association for a Greater Hartford.

You would think that people would realize that when CAIR gets involved, it means trouble, but apparently not. Muslims there seem to be worried about Trump supporters.

Mongi Dhaouadi, executive director of the Connecticut Council on American-Islamic Relations, told the Record-Journal that, “Obviously we believe in free speech, and Mr. Trump has the right to organize anywhere. We are concerned though that they are a few miles away based on various things we’ve seen at rallies. We’ve seen violence and they are quite tense. We will continue to come to the mosque, and we will listen to everybody as long as the discourse is civil.”

Apparently, in the liberal mind, conservatives are attacking Muslims at random, and the epicenters for this violence are Trump rallies.

But hold on, let’s pretend that’s true for a moment.

That would indicate outrage against many for actions taken by a few, which is reminiscent of, I don’t know, the argument against Islamophobia.

It is unsure what legal action CAIR can take to oust these Trump supporters, but personally, I can’t wait to see it try.

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