One Maine Senator Fights Over Healthcare. The Other Was Fights For The Lobster Emoji!


One of Maine’s senators almost held the future of American healthcare in her hands, while the other was lobbying for an emoji to be added to smartphone keyboards.


Senator Susan Collins was in the political spotlight where conservatives were hoping she would support the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill, to which she said NO on Monday. But Friday, Senator Angus King – an independent – was submitting a request to the Unicode Consortium, the group in charge of smartphone emojis. Very convenient that Monday was National Lobster Day.

The Strange Case For The Lobster Emojilobster emoji

From the official request:

“The members of the Unicode Technical Committee know better than most that emoji have become an increasingly important medium for communication, and that individuals and businesses have benefitted from being able to use a growing set of emoji options. And people in Maine — as well as others across the world — understand that the lobster is a culturally- and economically-important animal.”


“I respectfully request that the UTC include the Draft Candidate lobster emoji in Unicode Version 11.0, so that people who fish, process, serve, eat or otherwise admire the lobster can accurately express themselves in emoji form.”


“…lobster has been featured in internationally recognized TV shows and pop songs”


“…it would complete a set of emoji representing crustaceans commonly consumed as food items, and it would respond to significant public demand.”

Also used as evidence this was a pressing issue was the Google search statistics along with Instagram hashtag usage rates, clearly showing the growing demand for a lobster emoji.

Did It Work?

I know you’re just clamoring for the lobster emoji, but you will find out after Unicode’s October meeting whether the lobster emoji will be available on your smartphone in 2018.

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