Marine Who Exposed Hillary Clinton FOUND DEAD


Hillary Clinton Can’t Seem To Catch A Break! After 4 decades of doing whatever in the hell she wanted. Bill & Hillary Clinton have gotten away with too much over their years of terror against the American people. They’ve made millions off the backs of honest Americans, and even robbed the people of Haiti. Go to Haiti, and ask them if they like Hillary Clinton. I can promise you they will run you out of their country! They despise the Clintons as much as Conservative Americans.

It’s catching up with them every day. If you believe in the Clinton Body Count, then you will know this story sounds all too familiar, right Vince?


According to Freedom of the Press:

It was with an extremely heavy heart that we recently learned our friend and former colleague James Dolan—one of the co-creators of SecureDrop and Freedom of the Press Foundation’s first full-time employee—took his own life over the holidays. He was 36.

In 2012, James worked with Aaron Swartz and journalist Kevin Poulsen to build the original prototype of SecureDrop, the open-source whistleblower submission system, which was then called DeadDrop. Poulsen described James’s role in the project’s creation in the New Yorker in 2013:

In New York, a computer-security expert named James Dolan persuaded a trio of his industry colleagues to meet with Aaron to review the architecture and, later, the code. We wanted to be reasonably confident that the system wouldn’t be compromised, and that sources would be able to submit documents anonymously—so that even the media outlets receiving the materials wouldn’t be able to tell the government where they came from. James wrote an obsessively detailed step-by-step security guide for organizations implementing the code. “He goes a little overboard,” Aaron said in an e-mail, “but maybe that’s not a bad thing.”

Beyond a couple references on our website, that New Yorker story is virtually all that is in the public domain about James’s involvement in the project—and that’s how he preferred it. James was an intensely private and modest person, and despite the fact the SecureDrop soon got a lot of attention when Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) took the project over, he constantly insisted that Aaron deserved all the credit.

Yet SecureDrop would not currently exist without James, and he deserves all the commendation in the world for making it what it is today.

James Dolan’s untimely demise comes 5 years after Swartz’s supposed suicide.

Freedom of the Press explains:

In January 2013, Aaron Swartz himself committed suicide as the US government was attempting to prosecute him for violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act related to allegedly copying academic articles from JSTOR. SecureDrop was an unrelated side project he was working on at the time. A few months after Aaron’s tragic death, Kevin Poulsen donated the SecureDrop project to FPF, in the hopes that we could revive it and get it in a place where more news organizations could use it.

At that point, James was literally the only person in the world who knew all the ins and outs of the system, how to install it, and how to make it better. He had a high-paying computer security job at a large company by then, but I asked him if he’d be willing to come work for us so we could try to get SecureDrop into more newsrooms. We had hardly any money at the time, yet he immediately agreed—even though it meant taking an 80% pay cut. (Later, he would even refuse to accept a raise, insisting that we use any new funding to hire additional people to work on the project instead.)

Those closest to James are shocked that he would take his own life which only raises more questions than answers. Since James is a former Marine, some people claim he committed suicide due to PTSD, but his behavior never suggested he was suicidal in any way. The only answer that makes sense is that someone wanted him silenced. After all, James was vital in the creation of making top secret information shareable.

All signs seem to point to Hillary Clinton and her minions silencing James for his role in the Wikileaks emails. She needs to pay for her crimes, and a full investigation needs to be launched. The American people deserve answers, and Aaron and James deserve justice.

H/T Freedom Of The Press

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