Mark Levin SLAMS Jeff Sessions for Sitting Silently on Constitutional Issues


Mark Levin slams Jeff Sessions for sitting silently on constitutional issues concerning Donald Trump and the Russia investigation.

Syndicated radio show host Mark Levin took on the inconsistencies of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General of the United States of America on his show recently. Sessions recused himself as to matters involving the Trump campaign and Russia. Levin is in disbelief over the silence from Sessions over the constitutional issues of the Russia investigation.

Watch Below: 

Mark Levin states, “The Attorney General of the United States, Jeff Sessions recused himself as to matters involving the campaign and Russia, But the Attorney General of the United States is doing a grave injustice to the Constitution and the nation by sitting silently on what are the significant constitutional issues. And if they’re decided the wrong way, it will have grave implications for the future of this country.”

“There is no reason that Jeff Sessions can not stamp in. Not to get involved in the investigation per se, but to get involved in the nature of these constitutional questions. And yet, he’s silent, absolutely silent. I’ve never seen anything like it.” Levin continues.

The Justice Department itself has a memorandum that states the prosecution or indictment of a sitting President is unconstitutional because it would interfere with the President’s ability to accomplish his assigned functions as President of the United States.

The way that Robert Mueller was even appointed to the special council is questionable itself. This should have been done by the Senate. Even an anti-Trumper, Sterling Professor of Law and Political Science at Yale University Akhil Reed Amar stated in a testimony that it violates “several basic constitutional principles.”



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