Maxine on the Hunt: ‘When We Finish With Trump, We Have to Go Get Pence’


Friday’s broadcast of The View on ABC welcomed California Democratic Representative Maxine Waters. She said after President Donald Trump is impeached, Vice President Mike Pence won’t be a better president than Trump and should be impeached as well.

Then, Joy Behar asked:

“Do you think Pence will be better than Trump if he were impeached? ”

Waters response:

“No. And when we finish with Trump, we have to go and get Putin. He’s next.”

Behar then asked Waters if she meant Putin or Pence, and Waters clarified that she meant Pence.

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  1. John Emery

    August 4, 2017 at 3:56 pm

    Go get a job on Sanford and Son Aunt Esther

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