Melania’s Baseball Hat Was Chic (and Tongue-in-Cheek)


Since she took office, Melania Trump has made very self aware fashion choices.  Her clothes are a silent way to voice her opinions.

First, her inauguration choice was a stunning testament to Jackie O.  The Ralph Lauren dress was a striking pastel blue.  It received praise from both democrats and republicans.

Another great example of a calculated fashion choice was in the Middle East.  In a country where women are oppressed with burqas and hijabs, Melania opted for a pantsuit.  The masculine cut sent an indirect message about women’s rights: they should have them.

Contrary to current reports, her arrival in Corpus Cristi was no different.  Initially, critics were taking shots at her departure choice.  Much to the delight of Michelle Obama worshippers, these stilettos painted Melania as “out of touch”.

Shockingly, the first lady owns more than one pair of shoes.  She made a wardrobe change aboard Air Force One, and the stilettos were nowhere to be seen.  She came out much more practical by opting for a pair of sneakers, a ponytail, and a button down.

Interestingly, her choice of baseball hat just may be classy jab aimed at her critics.  For the first time, Melania’s FLOTUS status is clear.  The letters show across a black and white baseball cap.

It could just be a practical fashion choice, but FLOTUS has shown us in the past that her clothing is quite calculated.  Needless to say, the haters will find something wrong about the hat, the way she walks, her hair, etc.

Perhaps people should instead focus on the fact that the administration is on their way to Houston?  I’m not sure about you, but that seems like the more important matter at hand.

Alright, maybe there is one other pressing matter.  Where can I buy that hat online?

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  1. CPH

    September 1, 2017 at 5:43 am

    Melania has ALL the class and appearance of a true FLOTUS. She is ready for any occasion and can more than adequately fill her position. She does care about the Citizens of the USA and shows it in her everyday actions.

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