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Long before Robert Mueller’s destroy-Trump team threatened him with years & years in prison for activities over a decade ago, Michael Cohen was audio-taping his clients.  One of those clients was Donald J. Trump, private citizen and non-politician.  To what end?  Did he plan to blackmail this billionaire?  Did he plan to sell these tapes to Trump’s business competitors?  Did he tape this client because he did not trust him?  Once an attorney develops personal distrust of his client, professional ethics requires him to resign.

We now know that Cohen audio-taped at least 183 times.  Only one recording contains Trump’s voice.  Did he audio-tape all his clients on a routine basis?  How did he plan to use these recordings of clients?  The sacrosanct attorney-client privilege REQUIRES all attorneys to keep ALL communications with a client SECRET forever.  Indeed, if a client tells his attorney that he did, indeed, murder the victim, THE ATTORNEY MUST GO TO HIS GRAVE WITH THIS KNOWLEDGE.  The attorney is REQUIRED to zealously defend his client, regardless of the facts.  Johnny Cochran successfully got an acquittal for O. J. Simpson, knowing full well that he had slaughtered two people.


AUDIO-TAPING A CLIENT IS A GROSS VIOLATION OF PROFESSIONAL ETHICS WHICH GETS AN ATTORNEY DISBARRED.  Of course, disbarment is the least of Cohen’s worries right now, but one has to wonder why he felt it necessary to audio-tape any client, even a billionaire client.

New York State statutes allow one person to tape another so long as ONE of the parties on the tape knows the conversation is being recorded.  [Cohen practices law in New York.]  Not so in many other states.  Therefore, if Cohen recorded a telephone conversation with a client WHILE he/she was in another state, he likely violated state Laws.  Again, this is small potatoes compared to the Federal charges against him.


These 183 tapes came to the attention of the FBI, DOJ and the Mueller witch hunt team when they raided Cohen’s home and office on April 8, 2018.  Recently, the only recording with Trump’s voice was given to the rabid anti-Trump CNN who played part of it for the public in their ongoing efforts to protect the Deep State, the Dems & the Liberals from this savvy, brilliant outsider.  Did Mueller give it to them?  Surely, the attorney who gave the tape to CNN violated DOJ’s internal rules, the licensing State Bar’s professional ethics rules, and probably committed a crime.

On the released tape Donald Trump and his private attorney, Michael Cohen (date unknown), can be heard discussing how to handle the accusations of a Playboy model.  Before the tape abruptly ends, Cohen can be heard suggesting that cash be used to solve this problem.  Trump is heard quickly retorting that they must use a check.  In other words, Trump wanted a paper trail, as he apparently saw no reason to hide anything.

In this recording Cohen is heard telling Trump about his plans to set up a company and finance the purchase (of the publication rights to this story) from American Media.  American Media owned the rights to publish the Playboy model’s account of her affair with Trump over a decade earlier.  The Cohen recording captures what appears to be a routine business conversation of several matters on their agenda.

“I need to open up a company for the transfer of all of that info regarding our friend David,” Cohen said in the recording, likely a reference to American Media head David Pecker.  When financing comes up again in the conversation, Trump interrupts Cohen asking, “What financing?”  Then Cohen tells Trump, “We’ll have to pay.”  The audio is muddled and is cut short mid-sentence as Trump is telling Cohen to use a check.  Curious.

According to President Trump’s current attorney, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, four or five of the 183 recordings contain people talking ABOUT Trump.  Rudy also said experts are looking into whether or not the tapes have been tampered with.

Diane L. Gruber

Attorney At Law

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