Michael Moore CAUGHT Conspiring With Russians In 2016 Election


Michael Moore Was Caught Conspiring With The Russians In 2016 While Protesting At Trump Tower

The liberal filmmaker has been a vocal opponent of Donald Trump.

Michael Moore, the polemical filmmaker who has long accused President Trump of colluding with Russians, posted videos and pictures of himself participating in a protest in Manhattan that was allegedly organized by Russians in November 2016.

Prosecutors said Friday that the Russians indicted for meddling in the presidential campaign were also behind anti-Trump rallies that occurred after the election.

The government alleged in an indictment signed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller that the defendants organized a Nov. 12 “Trump is NOT my President” rally in New York. Their “strategic goal” was to “sow discord in the U.S. political system,” the indictment said.

On Nov. 12, Moore tweeted: “At today’s Trump Tower protest. He wouldn’t come down.”

He attached a picture of himself posing with a large number of protesters. VIA



Moore thought it would be “cool” to post photos of the event. Little did he know, he would be caught by the media.

Moore also used MSNBC to push the event.


Moore uses his celebrity status to make millions of dollar, and promote Socialism. Moore claims socialism should be the model for America. I assume he’s blind. Moore is from the state of Michigan where Detroit has filed bankruptcy thanks to decades of liberalism destroying the once-booming metropolitan area.



  1. CPH

    February 20, 2018 at 2:05 pm

    Ugly is as ugly does, moore is just as disgustingly ugly an all his movies.

  2. Charles Douglas

    February 20, 2018 at 2:12 pm

    Shit is as Shit dose, so we see a pill of Shit!, step around this fat ass Shit…

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