Mika KICKS Michael Wolff OFF Morning Joe For Disproven Trump Affair Rumors [VIDEO]


Liberals Eating Their Own!

The most significant joy in my life is watching the Democrats eat their own. It’s one of the most considerable mating habits we’ve ever witnessed. Mika, in this case, was the female praying mantis that bit the head right off her mate. The best thing about this entire discussion is when Wolff took to Twitter to bash Mika, and Joe both. Just another example of why liberals are pathetic and are only in this to serve their self-interest. Wolff will be known as a liar, and his book is such a scam. The lies in it should be treated as treason.



Despite the continued attacks that “Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski has leveled against President Trump since he took office, Brzezinski apparently found a line that she was unable to cross: going along with the false rumors Wolff was spreading about the President’s affair with a senior official.

When Wolff originally began spreading the false rumors, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley was a target by the leftist Internet as the purported woman Wolff was referencing. He perpetuated those rumors, claiming that she “embraced” them, while Haley herself fiercely denied them and called them “disgusting”.

When Wolff went on the trash MSNBC program “Morning Joe”, Brzezinski finally called him out:



Wolff’s claims that he did not reference Haley in his work of fiction were quickly corrected by another Twitter user, even more, interesting is that it is a leftist Twitter user, the Washington Post, book critic:

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