Milo Yiannopoulos Reacts To YouTube Censorship On INFOWARS


Thursday, joining Alex Jones on INFOWARS, Milo Yiannopoulous discussed what he went through in being censored by YouTube, along with his new book Dangerous purposefully not being sold in book stores, or pulled off the shelves.

Yiannopoulous, the gay conservative provocateur, needs no introduction. The former Breitbart technology editor’s book Dangerous, as of July 28, 2017, was ranked #1 in Amazon’s “commentary and opinion” books.

First things first, there are many slanders out there about Milo. Most recently, Milo attracted controversy over child pedophilia. Milo DOES NOT advocate pedophilia. Rather, he pointed out a longstanding distinction between sexual abuse of children and seduction of teenagers by gays, saying personally in his life, a priest seduced him at the age of 13.

Because of the controversy, after striking a deal with publisher Simon & Schuster, the publisher dumped his book Dangerous. Milo then filed a lawsuit against Simon & Schuster, where in the lawsuit, he says the publisher was to pay him a $255,000 advance and royalties, but backed out of the agreement over fear of repercussions from progressives threatening to boycott the CBS-owned company.

Another term Milo is often regarded as… “a white nationalist” and “alt-right.” Milo notes his former employer, Breitbart News, is often said to be “an ‘alt-right’ platform,” however, he says “virtually the entire management team and most senior editors are Jewish” and pro-Israel. Adding more facts to this liberal infused lie is Milo his HATED by the alt-right, along with the progressive left.

If you Like Donald Trump — who Milo calls “Daddy” — the Brit says whatever he wants and ignores the pushback. Rather, he thrives on pushback. He’s been called “The most hated man on the Internet,” and people have said things about him such as, “Milo Yiannopoulos doesn’t have feelings… He’s the ultimate troll… Milo is terrifying.”

But when you ask Milo, he calls himself the “Ken doll from the underworld” and says, “My motto is laughter and war.”

See Milo’s reaction to him being censored, and share if you believe we need to take a stand against the liberal media censoring conservative viewpoints.

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