Watch This Black Mom REMOVE Her Son from BLM [VIDEO]


This day and age, it is rare to see a little turd kid get whooped by their parents in public.

Maybe that’s how this society we live in was manifested; by a bunch of parents that don’t know how to discipline their children, and in turn we get the sorry, whiney, snowflakes that want everything HANDED TO THEM.

But let’s give it up for this mom, who recognized when her kid needed a good ass kicking

I know the bleeding heart Leftists will say she’s abusing her child. And those are the people responsible for this “child” getting caught up with a terrorist organization.

For the multitude of silly ass Leftists who believe they control the black population,

I present to you:  Super Mom.

And to his credit, the young black teen thug-in-training responded appropriately, as he took his ass-kicking like a champ, and followed his Mama home.

One thing is for sure, this mother doesn’t buy into Leftism. I can hear her saying to the boy

“WTF are you doing?! WTF is wrong with you!…get the f*ck out of here!”

Looks like she knows how to crack the whip.

Way to go, Mom…we need more like you in the black community!

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