Morality Police Attack Shopkeeper for Selling Lingerie and Headscarves Together


As radical Islam invades Western Europe, its countries are becoming the stuff of nightmares.  There are the shanty towns in Paris and terrorist attacks that occur on an almost monthly basis.  Now, a new phenomenon has taken hold: a group called the “morality police”.

These are residents who believe in using violence to uphold Islamic “morality”.  Unfortunately, they fail to see the hypocrisy of their actions.

Recently, a member of the morality police assaulted an innocent shopkeeper.  The shopkeeper’s crime?  She was selling lingerie next to headscarves.  The victim was a 40-year-old woman who comes from a family of Arabic immigrants.

The incident occurred in two parts.  First, a niqab-wearing woman entered the shop.  She demanded the items be moved away from each other.  When she was denied, she hurled insults in both Arabic and German.  The shopkeeper kicked her out.  Later, the same woman returned and once again demanded the items be separated.  The shopkeeper once again told her to get lost.  Then, the suspect attacked the shopkeeper.

Something to raise a few eyebrows is the suspect’s description.  The shopkeeper said she spotted a neck tattoo underneath the niqab.  She believes the suspect had blonde hair.  If the suspect was wearing a niqab, I’m wondering how these details were noticed?  Note what a niqab looks like in the picture below.


Regardless of the victim’s identity, this is just one of many growing incidents within the city.  A report from Breitbart describes the growing number of cases.  Most of the attackers are Islamic people of Chechen origin, the same country from which the Tsarnaev brothers hailed from.

Another victim was harrassed by the morality police for wearing eye makeup while dressed in hijab.  From her interview:

Even in a hijab, I was called a prostitute…for wearing eye makeup. And I thought: “Who am I trying to please?”



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