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Mysterious Evacuation Text Sent to Soldiers Stationed in South Korea


Last Thursday, soldiers in South Korea received a strange string of text messages telling them to evacuate.  And the worst part is, nobody knows where they came from.

Obviously, suspect number one is North Korea.

According to text messages, a “Real World Noncombatant evacuation operation order” was calling the shots.  They demanded “all DoD family members and non-emergency essential DoD civilians on the Korean peninsula (sic)” to evacuate.

Additionally, the urges to leave came through more than a text message.  Some soldiers also received Facebook messages with the eerie evacuation orders.  Obviously, soldiers were quite confused by what they were receiving.

Although there is a system for evacuation, it would have to go through the U.S. embassy in Seoul.

The U.S. Forces Korea spokesperson, Colonel Chad Carroll, said: “only a handful” of soldiers had received the strange messages.

Afterwards, the army sent out an alert.  They warned not to open or click attachments that might have come with the texts.  There is a chance that this is a hacking scheme.

fake evacuation alerts

This flyer also displays a screenshot of what the evacuation text looked like when it went to phones on September 21.

Thankfully, no overreaction occurred.  From Carroll:

The good news here is: informed, savvy family members plus an engaged chain of command means no panic or over-reaction.  We had no reports of anyone acting on message other than notifying the appropriate authorities.

There are approximately 28,500 United States soldiers located in South Korea.  This does not include family members who also reside there.

According to the Washington Examiner:

If a situation develops quickly and the Department of State requires assistance in the evacuation of noncombatants, the Secretary of State will request that the military assists in the evacuation.  During this stage, the military will assemble the noncombatants and then either relocate or evacuate them to a safer place.

Regardless of these text messages, it is a scary time to be stationed over in South Korea.  Day by day, new reports are released of North Korea’s horrors, nuclear testing, and tensions with President Trump.  Let’s hope the troops stay safe over there!


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  1. CPH

    September 27, 2017 at 7:16 am

    What do they mean they don’t know where the texts came from, it obvious that they came from rocket man of the north. That guy has got to go.

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