IT’S HAPPENING! N. Korea Just Launched A Ballistic Missile. TRUMP FURIOUS!


Kim Jong-Un needs to be careful…the dude’s playing with fire.

Breaking sources have confirmed to Fox News that North Korea has test-fired another ballistic missile. President Trump is said to be furious over Kim Jong Un’s continued recklessness and lack of self control.

Check it out:

Fox news reports:

The U.S. military regularly conducts combat simulations with experts from the private sector and the Pentagon to determine the outcomes of a North Korean attack on the South.

Former Army Intelligence Officer Michael Pregent served in rapid response units that would deploy to Korea in the event of a conflict. Now a fellow at the Hudson Institute, he took part in war games that simulated a North Korean offensive against South Korea when he was with the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions.

“The first wave is the most destructive one,” said Pregent.

They have a “shock capacity” that includes raining down artillery shells and rockets on population centers. Experts say the North Koreans could attack Japan with warheads mounted on medium-range rockets. Harris was asked about possible nerve gas or chemical weapons attacks on its neighbors.

“I think that’s part of the readiness calculus that we have to go through when we consider the threat from North Korea,” Harris told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Hundreds of thousands of troops backed by armored vehicles would then be expected to swarm across the border, hoping to take advantage of the brief window of surprise to force a conclusion to the war practically before it started, and a ceasefire that would lead, presumably in the mind of Kim Jong-Un, to reunification.

According to Pregent, who took part in the war games, some of the next phase would be predictable, some of it might be surprising to lay observers.

“The artillery that fire first would be destroyed” by U.S. and South Korean air power and counter-artillery, then “there would be a second wave of North Korean artillery, and that would be destroyed too. All that would have caused havoc, of course,” said Pregent.

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  1. Thomas morrison jr

    April 28, 2017 at 5:13 pm

    Ok sothe fat kid fired another dude missle it took 15 minutes to cover 25 miles down range that’s very slow and it crashed in the ocean ok now we need to test fire an icbm from America and let them know we ain’t pulling any more punches we should use a Moab attached to it and set it off over the ocean just off shore to let the fat ass see how it’s done a self destruct signal would destroy all the critical parts and that fire ball would be seen way up in the sky by all his people this ass needs to stop and think about just who he is messing with now we need to take off the kid gloves and smash his hopes all to hell

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