Nanny Cam Captures BRUTAL Treatment of Special Needs Toddler

This woman is horrendous! How dare you treat someone else’s child that way. Especially one with special needs, if you don’t like taking care of children maybe you shouldn’t have picked being a nanny as a career choice.

According to Viral Nova– Tiffany Fields’ four-year-old son Luke has Down syndrome, epilepsy, and a severe heart defect.

Due to his health concerns, he needs constant attention and care. Fields works around the clock to ensure that her family can afford his medical bills, so she got in touch with a local caretaker organization and got set up with a personal care assistant that would serve as Luke’s nanny.

When Fields started picking up on some changes in her son’s behavior, she feared that it was the result of his new caregiver. To test her theory, she set up a hidden camera…and what she found is incredibly horrifying. The footage shows the nanny cursing at the boy, dragging him across the floor, and even sitting on his chest.

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