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NBC Busted Vandalizing Conf. Statue, Pretending It’s ‘Exclusive’ Story


Arizona Department of Public Safety is investigating the vandalism of a monument in Phoenix, Arizona and they found something interesting. The vandalism was found out by Bryan West from a local NBC affiliate.

Watch the crazy video below.

According to KFYI, Bryan West from Channell 12 did an “exclusive” story on the statue. He went to a Confederate memorial at Wesley Bolin Plaza to talk about memorials. He then found the memorial defaced and saw a guy on a bicycle running from the scene.

He called the police at that moment.


The surveillance video below shows the news van turn on its headlights and you can see a suspect walk past the van carrying two cans of spray paint. Check it out.

He gets on the bike and rides right toward the headlights of the van. Literally one minute later you can see the news crew set up to do the story.

According to KFYI, the video showed a suspect arriving 11 minutes before the news crew shows up and rides around the mall alone.

Share this to expose what the crooked media does. They are literally making news out of nothing now.

This is treasonous, fear-mongering behavior.

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