Netanyahu Claims He Has ‘Ironclad’ Proof Obama Secretly Cut UN Deal To Screw Israel

Via Herman Cain | In case you’re wondering why this would matter, consider the difference between passively taking no action to stop something another party initiated, versus pushing it behind the scenes and having others sponsor it on your behalf, then sitting back and pretending you had nothing to do with it.

The former is a shameful dereliction of your role as defender of freedom and democracy, but the latter is far worse. The latter means you actively worked to undermine your ally on behalf of its terrorist tormenters, all while insisting to the world that you did nothing of the sort. If the Israelis really have the kind of proof they claim to have, Donald Trump should not let Barack Obama off the hook for what he’s done. And the Israelis, who aren’t known for bluffing, make it clear they do:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has long had a cool relationship with President Barack Obama, has called the resolution “shameful” and accused the U.S. of playing a leading role in its passage.

On Tuesday, his spokesman went even further.

“We have ironclad information that emanates from sources in the Arab world and that shows the Obama administration helped craft this resolution and pushed hard for its eventual passage,” David Keyes said.

“We’re not just going to be a punching bag and go quietly into the night as the Obama administration helps push such a grave resolution,” he said.

He did not identify the Arab sources or say how Israel obtained the information. Israel has close security ties with Egypt, an original sponsor of last week’s resolution. Under heavy Israeli pressure, Egypt delayed the resolution last week before other council members presented it for a vote a day later. Egypt ended up voting in favor of the measure.

Assuming Obama did what the Israelis accuse him of doing, would anyone really be all that surprised? No one who’s paid the slightest bit of attention can really fail to recognize that Obama favors the Palestinians in particular and the Islamists in general over Israel. And just as John Kerry worked behind the scenes on Iran’s behalf during the negotiation of the horrible nuclear deal with the mad mullahs, why should anyone think the Obama/Kerry State Department wasn’t actively at work crafting this Screw Israel resolution at the UN?

It’s true that Obama hates Netanyahu personally, and I’m sure that gave him some added satisfaction in doing this. But let’s face it: Obama would have done it regardless because he can’t stand Israel and he sides with its enemies. If you really can’t see that, I don’t even know what to tell you.

The Israelis told CNN late yesterday that they intend to give their ironclad proof to the Trump Administration once it takes office, and that Trump can release it to the public if he wishes. I hope he does. If Obama lied to the public about his efforts to undermine a democratic ally on behalf of terrorists, we should know that. It’s not a criminal offense, but you know perfectly well that Obama wants to remain influential in politics. The public should know the guy who’s lecturing them about this, that or whatever is a friend of terrorists and the enemy of one of our best friends.

And he is.

Meanwhile, if you have any doubt just how lethal this resolution is to Israel and its hopes of survial, Andrew McCarthy breaks it down beautifully as usual:

First, by giving the Palestinians everything and then some, the resolution removes any Palestinian incentive to negotiate for lasting peace. Indeed, by requiring no Palestinian concessions, it tells the Islamists and leftists who run Palestinian affairs that their jihadist campaign will continue to be rewarded and that the Security Council accepts — and effectively abets — their objective of eradicating the Jewish state (whether by terrorism, “democracy” activism, or both).

Second, it would make that eradication more probable. The 1948 armistice lines cannot be viable national borders for Israel because, as Obama, the Security Council, and Israel’s hostile neighbors well know, they are not defensible. Put aside that Israel is no larger than New Jersey and surrounded by existential threats. In the area just north of Tel Aviv, the center of the country is just nine miles wide (running east to west from the Green Line to the Mediterranean coastal town of Netanya).

As IDF Major General Yaakov Amidror explained in a 2005 study on the security requirements for lasting peace, the 1967 boundaries do not provide “defensive depth,” a longstanding principle of military doctrine holding that there must be an area sufficient for a defensive force to redeploy after being attacked, and for reserves to enter or counterattack — the territorial space between the battlefront and the strategic interior that any army must have in order to function. The boundaries the Security Council seeks to impose would be inadequate even if Palestinian leadership — including the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorist branch, Hamas — were not committed to Israel’s destruction.

Obama knows all of this. He also knows that the campaign to destroy Israel is politically waged with U.N. resolutions every bit as much as Hamas wages it with rockets. It is therefore essential that our nation, as a reliable ally, uses our veto power to protect Israel’s security. That is why Obama would not have dared abstain from the vote on such a resolution before Election Day.

And that’s why the UN, certainly at Obama’s direction, waited to consider the resolution until Election Day in the U.S. had passed. That gave Obama maximum political freedom to stick the knife in Israel’s back. Ironically, he quite possibly would not have done it had Hillary won the election, because then he would have been sticking her with the resulting problem. Undermining Israel now and leaving Trump to deal with the aftermath is classic Obama. At least Obama’s defenders can no longer argue with a straight face that he was ever anything but an adversary to the Israelis. And maybe American Jews, who have long voted mostly Democratic for reasons I cannot fathom, will finally come to their senses. To the extent your average American Jew cares about Israel, no one can possibly be confused anymore about which party is Israel’s friend, and which is Israel’s enemy.

There is no difference between the terrorist factions that attack Israel and the American Democratic Party. One simply lays the political groundwork that allows the other to operate. They are exactly the same. And if there are Democrats who just read that statement and think it’s unfair, I look forward to your very public condemnation of Obama’s act of war against Israel. Otherwise, wear it well.

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