New Report EXPOSES Hillary And Obama’s Dirty Russia Secret They Were Praying Would STAY BURIED


The whole investigation into President Trump’s collusion with Russia is turning out to be one big joke. Any deal the Trump Organization made as many as 10 years ago could be up for review by special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. As Washington Times reports, however, not so long ago the Democrats were begging American entrepreneurs to work with Russians.

In 2009 Hillary Clinton, serving as Secretary of State, stood next to Vladimir Putin himself and said, “We are committed to broadening and deepening ties between our two economies.”

Oh my God. Can you imagine if President Trump did something like that? It’s actually not that weird for heads of states to want to be friendly and increase trade. When President Trump does it, however, the left will cry that he is Putin’s puppet.

The left also seems to forget about this video.

Hillary Clinton also said, while Secretary of State:

“A United States delegation made up of executives from the information technology companies recently visited Russia to explore joint private sector-led initiatives in education, e-government and other field.”

“We’re increasing partnerships between Russian and American universities. And there are growing interactions between American and Russian people.”

Basically: The Obama Administration asked businessmen to work with Russia. They wanted to increase American trade and improve Russian relations. They probably had fair and reasonable reasons for wanting to do that. Why then, is the left in hysterics? Why is Mueller reviewing President Trump’s business transactions in Russia- including, according to Bloomberg, his 2013 Miss Universe pageant, held in Moscow and the sale of a house (located in Florida) to a Russian oligarch in 2008?

This whole Mueller investigation stinks to high heaven, and it’s just compounded by the fact that the Obama Administration WANTED Americans to do business in Russia.

Nevertheless, when the investigation comes up with nothing, it will be that much sweeter. Too bad we would have wasted so much time and money to get there though.

(h/t Washington TimesBloomberg)

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