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New Report: IRS Wasted $2.76 Billion In IT Budget


Nothing like knowing your hard earned tax dollars are being put to good use, right? Well sadly that’s not the case for the one agency you’d think would value tax dollars the most- the IRS.

President Trump released a budget earlier this year, and within it he’s cutting an eye-watering quarter of a billion dollars from the IRS. But how much waste is going on at the IRS? The answer: a LOT.

Barbara Rembiesa contributed an article for The Hill reporting that the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM) found the IRS blew $2.76 BILLION in federal IT waste. That’s about $31,000 per IRS employee. Just so we’re clear, the average American tax bill is $9,118.

Much of this waste can be attributed to outdated software, which also presents a security risk. The private sector, according to IAITAM, spends about $4,600-$4,900 on IT per year.

One particularly egregious example of outdated technology at the IRS was $12 million spent on a cloud-based email system that could not work with the existing email system.

The contributor goes on to detail other kinds of waste- 94 percent of IRS employees get a mobile device, yet 57% of mobile device inventory records were incorrect, 17% of total devices were being paid for without being inventoried (that $2 million a year). Furthermore, although employees cannot have more than one device, the IRS was paying for 700 employees to have between 2 and 5 devices.

Check out this short report on one case of a massive IRS tech fail:

We’ve all probably had to talk to people at the IRS this past year, and frankly, I don’t find this waste surprising at all.

President Trump definitely has his work cut out for him here! But we know if anyone can do it, he can. The waste at the IRS is disgusting- Share this 30,000 times so everyone knows what President Trump is up against!

(H/T The Hill)

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