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New Report Reveals Total Cost Of Barack Obama And Family’s Taxpayer Funded Travel


Judicial Watch is out with a truly upsetting story today about just how much money the Obama family racked up in expenses during their eight years in office.

The amount might make you lose your lunch. It’s more than most Americans could ever dream of seeing in their lifetime.

Now that Obama is popping up all over and criticizing President Trump, it’s easy to forget just what a nightmare his presidency was for ordinary Americans.

In response to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, Judicial Watch uncovered travel records from the Secret Service that bring the total amount the Obamas spent while in office to $105,662,975.27. You read that right, $105.6 million dollars. That golf doesn’t play itself, you know.

In contrast, President Trump’s travel so far has totaled only $4,082,427.71, according to Judicial Watch. 

Judicial Watch got the new Obama travel records through a FOIA lawsuit filed in DC court. It showed the following eye-popping numbers for the Obama family:

Michelle Obama’s trip to Morocco cost $128,108.47 in hotels; $88,725.60 in car rentals; $1,476.07 in gas/oil and $972.22 in cell phone charges for a total of $244,218.01

Michelle Obama’s trip to Liberia cost $55,220 in hotels; $44,000 in car rentals; $2,500 in gas/oil and $1,000 in cell phone charges for a total of $107,890

Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain cost $79,764.49 in hotels; $81,750.99 in car rentals and $4,547 in staff overtime pay for a total of $166,062.48

Obama’s November 2016 appearance at a Clinton campaign rally in Orlando, FL. cost $150,530.99 in hotels; $103,526.96 in air/rail; $11,588.76 in car rentals and $5,829 in equipment for a total of $271,467.71

Obama’s trip to Los Angeles in October 2016, which included two fundraisers and an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” cost $127,822 in hotels; $38,715 in air/rail; $24,326 in equipment and $4,992.30 in car rentals for a total of $195,855

Michelle Obama’s October 2016 appearance at a Clinton campaign rally in North Carolina cost $13,206 in hotels; $11,965 in air/rail and $1,331 in car rentals for a total of $26,502

The Obama family trip to Martha’s Vineyard in August 2016 cost $2,512,380.88 in hotels; $89,586.82 in rental cars; $53,234.69 in air/rail and $29,068.97 in miscellaneous expenditures for a total of $2,684,271.36

The Secret Service spent $1,862,230.74 on the Obamas’ final Christmas to Honolulu on the taxpayers’ dime: $1,765,583.12 on hotels and $96,647.62 on car rentals.

In another number that’s going to make you retch, Judicial Watch discovered that protecting Hillary Clinton, also known as the Whiner Who Won’t Go Away, cost the Secret Service $350,237.59 just between April 11 and May 6, 2015.

Judicial Watch is currently involved in a lawsuit in DC court alleging that government agencies have not properly released travel records to them as required by FOIA. It was filed in May of this year when the Secret Service didn’t respond to a request for costs for various items.

“It is troubling to see such massive amounts of money paid out for trips that appear to have minimal value to the public interest,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said. “And it is frustrating to have file multiple FOIA lawsuits and engage in long-running court battles to get basic information about the costs of presidential travel.”

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  1. Kookie

    September 17, 2017 at 7:11 am

    And the people are paying for these traitors while struggling just to live.

  2. CPH

    September 17, 2017 at 8:12 am

    Fraud waste and abuse of U.S.Taxpayers money. The obumbas NEVER did anything to deserve this kind of treatment. All funding for any and all money going to his pension should be halted. He destroyed The United States Of America in 8 years in the Office Of The President Of The USA just by occupying the position illegally.

  3. Cindy Ginsberg

    September 19, 2017 at 4:18 am

    This family needs to be thrown in prison and we the tax payers want to stop paying Obama

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