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Can the bias, bigotry & Liberal idiocy of the famous (now infamous) New York Times be any plainer?  Just months after firing a member of their editorial board, a (white) woman named Quinn Norton, for her alleged friendship with an anti-semitic “white supremacist,” the Times hired Sarah Jeong, an avowed, unapologetic, racist.

Norton was fired within 24 hours of the Times learning of association with an alleged “white supremacist.”  When there was a backlash over Jeong’s hiring, the Times stood firmly behind their resident racist.  Is this the first racist on their editorial board?  Probably not. 


Right-wing bigots just can’t be tolerated, after all.  They need to be publicly shunned and punished.  But Left-wing bigots are not only acceptable, correct and normal; but readers of the New York Times should believe every hate-filled idea they spew out.

Long before the NYT hired Jeong, an Asian American woman, as the newest member of their editorial board, her public, written statements showed that she hated white people.  Her hatred was so intense that she just could not control what she put on the internet.  Wasn’t she aware that her words might cause her career problems?

What is interesting about her incendiary rants against “white” people is the fact that she did not need to do so.  This was not part of her expertise as a “venerated tech culture journalist with a broad range of expertise, known for everything from authoring a book on systemic online harassment to reporting on major internet case law.”

Jeong’s Twitter feed is filled with a host of messages that are super racist and super offensive.  There is nothing subtle about Jeong’s expression of her hatred for “whites.”  She compared “dumbass f—–g white people” to dogs, said that “old white men” were “lemmings,” opined that white people would “go extinct soon,” and used the hashtag #CancelWhitePeople.

“Are white people genetically predisposed to burn faster in the sun, thus logically being only fit to live underground like groveling goblins,” she wrote in 2014 before adding a graph claiming that “whiteness” resulted in being “awful.”

Sarah Jeong’s tweets speak for themselves.  Her position on the editorial board is all one needs to know about the New York Times’ attitude about America and Americans.

Diane L. Gruber

“White” American

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