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Sanity won out on Saturday when the U.S. Senate voted to confirm the appointment of, arguably, the most qualified justice in modern memory.  Now that the same Democrat tactic has failed TWICE, will Dems try it with President Trump’s next Supreme Court nominee?

Two of our sitting justices are in their 80s.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg* is 85, has had both colon & pancreatic cancer over the last two decades, and certainly looks as though she is in failing health.  Stephen G. Beyer is 80.  During Trump’s eight years in office it seems likely that he will be nominating one or two more justices.


Does Trump DARE to nominate a white man, regardless of stellar qualifications?  Certainly, the bubble where Democrats reside is not so opaque that they will play the “rapist” and “sexist” cards A THIRD TIME!

Maybe Dems ARE that delusional.  They thought it would be safe to hire Christine Blasey Ford 27 years after hiring Anita Hill because Americans under age 45 have 1) been thoroughly indoctrinated in Liberalism in public schools, and 2) they don’t have clear memories of the Thomas/Hill stunt.  But, third time will not be the charm if they try this tired ploy within the next six years.

What about a white woman?  Will the Dems play the “rapist” card?  Not likely.  Will they play the “sexist” card?  Probably not.  They are highly likely to play the “racist” card.  But, don’t forget there are other cards that the Loony Left has played in recent years: “You are a homophobe!  You are an Islamophobe!  You hate immigrants!  White privilege, white privilege!”


Deja vu all over again.  For three weeks Americans over age 45 were trapped in a re-run of an old TV sitcom that wasn’t very funny the first time around.  In 1991, as the Clarence Thomas Confirmation Hearing was winding down and Thomas was headed to confirmation, the Dems hired Anita Hill, a lawyer, to testify that Thomas had made “sexual” remarks to her when they worked together many years earlier.

Admitting that Thomas had never touched her, Hill claimed that Thomas had made such remarks while they worked together at a federal agency.  NEVERTHELESS, when Thomas changed jobs, HILL FOLLOWED HIM.  These allegations turned the confirmation hearing into a TV spectacle and extended the hearing FOR DAYS, while Americans watched on nationwide TV.

Thomas’ support on the committee dwindled.  He was confirmed, but just barely.  As payment for her perjury Hill was given a tenured professorship at the University of Oklahoma, teaching would-be lawyers how to become Liberal activists.  Academia and the Mainstream Media threw all kinds of awards at Hill, making her a Liberal icon.

Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court, confirmation, Anita Hill

Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the 114th member of the U.S. Supreme Court, will need secret service protection for himself and his family for the rest of his life.  This speaks volumes about the hatred Democrats have stoked within the dysfunctional who reside in the United States today.

Although they failed to keep Clarence Thomas, a black Constitutionalist** off the bench, they re-played this con to defeat a white Constitutionalist** who is the most qualified nominee since Clarence Thomas, AND the most squeaky clean.   Christine Blasey Ford already has a tenured professorship***, so how can the Dems reward her for breaking the law?

Diane L. Gruber

Proud American 

*Indeed, Ginsburg has stated that she will try to stay on the court until 2023, when she turns 90.  Ginsburg’s remark is intriguing.  As a far-left partisan, one would think that she would try to hang on until Trump is out of office.

**A Constitutionalist is a judge who follows the plain words and clear intent built into the U.S. Constitution and its amendments.  For decades Democrats have pushed for (with much success) activist judges who will read into the Constitution whatever the latest Liberal fad is. 

***Ford works at Palo Alto University where Senator Dianne Feinstein’s husband is on the Board of Regents.  That is, Ford works for Feinstein’s husband.  One cannot be a psychology professor without being a died-in-the-wool liberal.  Moreover, one cannot teach at a California college without being a Liberal activist.  Democrats, probably with the help of Feinstein’s husband, recruited Ford for this dirty task.  No doubt they promised her something in return.  After all, Ford set herself up for perjury charges, which authorities are currently looking into.  This writer thinks Ford is entitled to SOMETHING in return for the fact that she could go to prison.

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  1. Lyneil Vandermolen

    October 7, 2018 at 4:15 pm

    “It’s dyed in the wool”, not “died in the wool.” Although that’s an intriguing Freudian slip.

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