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North Korea is Already Working On a Stronger Weapon to Fire at the U.S.


Every day, North Korea has been flexing the muscles of its nuclear program.  Recently, pictures surfaced of Kim Jong-Un standing next to an even more powerful threat.

Kim wanted his engineers to produce a weapon that got the much longer range.  In a recently released picture, he is standing next to the drawing of a three-stage weapon called the HWASONG-13.

The rocket will have much higher ranges than previously witnessed.  Most likely, this is a way to threaten the United States.

The image of the drawing is no accident.  From Joshua Pollack, a nuclear weapons and systems expert:

We’re getting a look at it to emphasize domestic production of missiles, and to advertise what’s coming next.

Ultimately, North Korea would want to reach a goal of 6,800 miles to hit New York or Washington D.C.  Then, we’d be in some real trouble.

I think it’s time President Trump to finally get Seth Rogen and James Franco to head over and do the real version of “The Interview”.


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