Notre Dame 9/11 Memorial Mutilated By Leftist Anti-War Graffiti


Conservative students at the University of Notre Dame were stunned when they went to their 9/11 Memorial, they found the words “500,000 Iraqis Murdered” chalked in front of the site.

Looks like some parents should reconsider where and who their spending their hard earned money on… their future globalist leftist kids who can’t even put their name next to their leftist “artwork!”

According to the members of the Notre Dame chapter of Young Americans for Freedom Foundation, the students arrived Monday morning to start erecting flags for their annual “9/11: Never Forget” memorial. They arrived to a chalk message, apparently intended as a counter to their display, reading:

“500,000 Iraqis Murdered”

Here’s what THESE smart kids did anyway…

The students there to put up their display were unfazed by the chalking, and erected theirs, anyway saying:

“The flag memorial is meant to unite the community under the principle that we are all Americans.”

notre dame

Clare McKinney, YAF chapter chair at Notre Dame, told Campus Reform:

“This is our 4th year participating YAF’s 9/11: Never Forget Project. I really pushed the event on social media and posted on the class pages inviting all students, because I wanted to get all of campus involved. The flag memorial is meant to unite the community under the principle that we are all Americans and we must remain committed to advancing and defending freedom. It’s disheartening to think there’s students on campus who don’t support that message.”

According to McKinney, the club hasn’t had any problems with vandalism in the past, and still are unsure of who was responsible for the chalking.

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    Leftists equal Idiots.

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    September 12, 2017 at 7:52 am

    Leftists are all Idiots.

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