Notre Dame students plan to do this when the Vice President visits


A University of Notre Dame student says he and some 50 to 100 others plan to protest Vice President Mike Pence’s commencement address Sunday at the school… by walking out on the speech.

Why? Because these little brats want to focus more on ME ME ME, rather than their parents, who payed close to $100,000 for them to attend the “Ivy League of the midwest.”

Bryan Ricketts, the protest organizer, tells the South Bend Tribune he expects up to 100 fellow graduating students to silently leave just as the vice president starts speaking to nearly 2,100 graduating students and their families.

Some students will be protesting Pence’s policies as Indiana’s governor, including the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) he signed in 2015 that critics say sanctioned discrimination against gays and lesbians. Others say they are protesting Pence’s stance on illegal immigration, one student even saying, “My family members are illegal, and they’ll be in the stands.”

What’s funny, hilarious, and ironic at the same time is that these students CHOSE to go to a CATHOLIC college, where already the University has a stance on the LGBT community, gay marriage, and abortion, but the Vice President — who has the EXACT SAME values as the school in which they attend — is the devil and should not be listened to.

What do these future millennial “mommy and daddy basement dwellers” expect is going to happen when their future boss has the same views as their #NotMyVicePresident? Are they going to walk out every time their boss reprimands them for being selfish, lazy, and entitled? Are they going to protest and throw a temper tantrum like a kid at Toys ‘R’ US every time they don’t get that promotion because someone worked harder, longer, and better than they did?

Walking out on the second highest office in the land is by far one of the most selfish, entitled, and idiotic things you could do. We go to college to learn and while doing so, respect the opinions of our colleagues and professors — whether the same or different. Above all, we learn to RESPECT people, ideas, opinions, and issues. Now, we’re learning that if life hands you lemons… smash them, throw them on the ground, kick, scream, and if you still don’t get what you want, then just walk out!

University spokesman Paul Browne says school officials would only intervene if the protest “seriously disrupts” the commencement or put anyone’s safety at risk, but added the school doesn’t expect that to happen.

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  1. C Hayes

    May 20, 2017 at 4:45 pm

    So what. Let the anti-American students walk out. No one will ever miss them. The low life idiots do not deserve to be in the same building with Vice President Pence or anyone.

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