LIBERATING ELDER – When Obama made the call to try and initiate a 3rd World War by kicking 35 Russian Diplomats out of the United States he made the mistake of thinking anyone took him seriously.  Like Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, ‘no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.’

Obama seems to be finally learning the hard way what the world has known for some time now, not a single informed person respects Barack Obama.  No one trusts a word that comes out of his mouth, not his own citizens and especially not foreign leaders.

This became abundantly clear in Putin’s response to Obama’s aggression towards Russia and it’s diplomats.  Instead of taking Obama seriously and retaliating, Putin went high and laughed in Obama’s face, calling him out in front of the world, letting him know that no one cares what Obama says or does because he is a lame duck President who has lost the consent of the people.

Instead of striking back and escalating the situation, Putin decided to invite the children of US diplomats in Russia to a New Years Eve party at the Kremlin and made it known he was looking forward to when Mr. Trump takes over so he can have a serious partner in the efforts to restore relations between the two nations.

It has never been more clear that Obama is out of his depth than right now.  His baseless aggression toward Russia and his willingness to keep pushing the ‘Russian hacking’ lie, which the whole world knows is as real as Santa Clause, just shows exactly how out of touch the tyrant really is.

In true Trump fashion, The Donald, who never misses an opportunity to score a win, chimed in on Twitter today, further embarrassing the disgraced Obama.

Let’s be honest, Putin is no angel, if he were our leader we would have plenty to gripe about.  The fact of the matter is, he is not the one making our laws and oppressing our people, he is the Head of State of a very powerful nation who is seeking to restore peaceful relations with our country.  Any sane person would welcome the friendship of a nuclear power with whom we share a common enemy (ISIS & Radical Islam) rather than try to initiate a global holocaust against them.

Either Obama is terribly stupid (which I am not ruling out based on his actions, how could he not have realized these moves would end badly for him?) or he is purposely trying to drive the World to the brink of total war.  Perhaps, the situation is even more bleak and he IS that stupid AND that evil.

Obama’s go to propaganda against Putin always includes Russia’s “human rights violations” and “racism” and “violence.”  How about we look at the facts:

  • Vladimir Putin opposed the Saudi Arabian empire while Obama gave them money and weapons which were then given to ISIS.
  • Vladimir Putin has been working non-stop to create peace between Syria, Turkey, Iran, and Israel while Obama has ousted Secular leaders in the Middle East and empowered the Islamic ones
  • Putin Opposed the NATO takeover of the world and protected his people from the Arab Spring
  • Putin has created new and lasting relationships with Asian countries including China
  • Putin has made Russians rich again.

All the while Obama has been funding and arming ISIS while over throwing stable, moderate, secular regimes on Russia’s door step, whipping BLM up into a racist frenzy at home, initiating a war on our police and creating a death panel centered national healthcare eugenics program.

It is a sad day when an objective eye sees Russia doing more for World Peace and Religious Freedom than the supposed ‘Leader of the Free World.’  21 more days and we wake up from this nightmare, let’s just pray Putin keeps his cool and doesn’t let Obama goad him into anything before then.

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