Now Americans know why the Democrats have been working so hard to hide the truth about the phony Russian Dossier and illegal spying on Trump.  The facts point squarely to the highest level of the Obama Administration.

The House Intel Committee’s Memo reveals that the following fingerprints are all over the four false affidavits that were presented to the FISA* Court to fraudulently obtain warrants to spy on the Trump Campaign and the Trump Administration:

1) Obama’s FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, next in line after Director James Comey, and Democrat activist;

2) Obama’s FBI Director James Comey;

3) Sally Q. Yates, Obama’s Deputy Attorney General and Democrat activist, who was fired by Trump for refusing to enforce a lawful Executive Order;

4) Dana Boente, Obama-appointed U. S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, one of the nation’s largest; and

5) Rod Rosenstein, Trump-appointed and current Deputy Attorney General who is second in line after AG Jeff Sessions.  It is doubtful President Trump knew of his involvement with the Russian Dossier prior to appointing him.


The FISA judges who issued the spying warrants were not told the information in the four affidavits was fictional, made up, phony and just plain B.S.

The information that was given to the FISA Court came from the Russian Dossier which was created by Fusion GPS for the Clinton Campaign and the DNC.  The Dossier was based upon fiction and had no backup documentation.  Fusion GPS wrote a fictional novel, passed it to Obama and Clinton operatives at the FBI & DOJ and used it obtain a fraudulent FISA warrant to spy on Candidate Trump and President Trump.

McCabe himself even testified before congress in December 2017 that the FISA warrant could not have been obtained without the falsehoods contained in the Dossier.

Everyone who was involved it lying to the FISA Court has committed several felonies.  They need to be fired from their government jobs immediately and arrested.


As a long-time attorney who practices in both Federal Court and Oregon’s State Court system, I am well aware of the dangers of filing an incorrect, incomplete or false affidavit with the court.  The danger is especially serious when dealing with the FISA Court, because this court gives the Federal government permission to spy on Americans.

The judge is relying upon the word of the affidavit signers to make his decision about whether or not to issue the spying warrant.  The signers of an affidavit are doing so under penalty of perjury.

If an attorney is caught signing a false affidavit, he/she will be disbarred from practicing law in the future.  Comey, McCabe, Yates, Boente and Rosenstein, attorneys all, should be disbarred immediately.  They not only lied on their Court affidavits and but intentionally failed to disclose that the affidavit was based upon a fictional document created for the Clinton Campaign and the DNC.


Diane L. Gruber

Attorney At Law

*FISA:  Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

About Diane L. Gruber

I am a proud American who is tired of biting my tongue for fear of making a Liberal mad; for fear of being called racist because I believe in the Rule of Law; for fear of damaging my license to practice law. NO MORE!!!! Conservative-minded citizens have stayed silent for decades while Liberals have caused significant damage to American culture and to our nation. I lived in a Third-World Dictatorship. Generation after generation had been trained to kow tow to the government. They were afraid to discuss ANYTHING about the government even in the privacy of their own homes. My "Time" magazine arrived with articles cut out, after the censors got through checking it for heresy. With Political Correctness and "hate speech" rules, we are already halfway to officially losing our precious Freedom of Speech. If we want anything of value to remain for future generations we need to act now, rally in the streets now, speak out now. Don't be cowed.


  1. CPH

    February 2, 2018 at 6:46 pm

    Public hangings should be brought back for these criminals.

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