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Obama’s SECRET Meetings Revealed And He’s NOT HAPPY!


Trump’s secret meetings with Putin have put the media in a frenzy.  However, they are failing to mention an important detail: Obama also met with Putin during his presidency two years ago.  In 2016, Putin and Obama met for almost 90 minutes.

Here is a picture from the 2015 G20 summit in Turkey.  Where was the uproar then?

And yes, there have been many other meetings between the two.  They have met privately multiple times.  The meetings spanned anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

2009, Moscow: two hours Obama and Putin meet over tea at Putin’s residence. (

2012, Mexico: The leaders meet again for 2 hours. (

2013, Northern Ireland: The official meeting was cancelled, but there was still a private conversation that lasted for a half hour. (

2014, Beijing: A conversation at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. (

2015, New York: The pair toast at the U.N. General Assembly. (

There have been countless other interactions between the two.  Therefore, it’s a wonder that the media has chosen Trump’s first meeting with Trump to panic and cry collusion.  There was never any outcry before over secret meetings.  It’s abundantly clear they are trying to make a story where there is no story.

Finally, as a bonus, let’s look at one final video that speaks volumes.  Remember this one?  Probably not, because there wasn’t much coverage from the general media.  In 2012, Obama met with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and his hot mic captured a pretty interesting moment.  He promises “more flexibility” with Russia post-election.  The Russian president says he’s going to relay the information to Vladimir.


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