In the Oregon State Bar’s April issue of the Bar Bulletin, their monthly magazine, the “leaders” of the Bar formally announced that Trump supporters are “white supremacists” and “white nationalists,” and, thus, were bad, bad, bad people and had only limited First Amendment Rights.

Their “Statement on White Nationalism and Normalization of Violence” warned Oregon’s 15,000 attorneys that the First Amendment is “not limitless.”  “We condemn the proliferation of speech that incites such violence,” when referring to Americans who support President Trump and/or criticize Liberal policies.  Of course, the Bar supports inciteful speech when used by Liberals.

Indeed, Antifa rioted at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland on March 5th. shutting down a speech by a professor that Liberals and First Amendment haters didn’t like.  Crickets were heard from these very same “leaders” of the Oregon State Bar.


“ .  .  .  . Trump, .  .  .  ., has himself catered to this white nationalists movement, allowing it to make up the base of his support and providing it a false sense of legitimacy.  He has allowed this dangerous movement of racism to gain momentum, and we believe this is allowing these extremists ideas to be held up as part of the mainstream, when they are not.”

The Bar’s warning to Oregon’s attorneys called Trump supporters “white nationalists,” seemingly unaware, by their own description, that includes over half of America.  Did they really mean to condemn over half of their fellow citizens?  Or are they just so full of hatred over the 2016 election that they have lost all ability to reason?


True to form, the Alt-Left who controls the Bar, threw around the term “white nationalists” without defining it.  This is one of the relatively new terms Liberals have been using since the election to convince themselves that Hillary Clinton should have won.  To date, no Liberal has bothered to define it, yet they claim such people are horrible, violent human beings.

Vanderbilt Professor Carol M. Swain, Ph.D, who happens to be black, coined the term “white nationalists” during her research in 2001 when she identified an intellectual, non-violent, movement among some (white) Americans who felt aggrieved because Affirmative Action had blocked them from pursuing the educations & jobs they wanted.

The term “white supremacists” has been around for some time and Americans have a pretty good idea who these people are.  The FBI reports there are no more than 20,000 “white supremacists” in America today, and just a fraction of them are violent.


In their inflammatory statements the Bar mentioned the Charlottesville incident, and murders on a MAX train in Portland, Oregon,* but these “white” on “white” killings do not a racist trend make.

Using these incidents as proof, the Bar claims there has been an increase in violence by Trump supporters since the presidential election, but provided no documentation to back up these inflammatory claims.  This writer wrote to each of the 13 Bar “leaders,” most self-appointed, a few actually elected, who signed these inflammatory statements.

I asked for police-documented evidence that “white” on “non-white” crimes have increased since November, 2016.  They would not or could not come up with any examples of such increased violence in Oregon nor across the nation.


Make no mistake about it, the Oregon State Bar, who has control over who can practice law in Oregon, is threatening Oregon’s attorneys into keeping their support for our 45th president quiet, while the Bar promotes false narratives and pretends our Constitutionally-elected president is illegitimate.  This writer has heard NO inciteful speech by Trump-supporting attorneys, but has heard many Liberal attorneys threatening Conservatives and Trump supporters.

The Bar’s warning to Oregon’s attorneys was clear: Anyone who currently supports President Trump is a “white nationalist,” which is bad, bad, bad, seemingly unaware that, by their own description, this includes over half of America.  In threatening Oregon’s attorneys, they have condemned over half of their fellow Americans.

Diane L. Gruber

Oregon Attorney At Law

You can find these statements on the Oregon State Bar’s website, in the April 2018 issue of The Bar Bulletin, pages 42 & 43:  http://www.osbar.org/index.html,

* The MAX train stabbing in May 2017, wherein a mentally ill man stabbed three (white) men on a commuter train in Portland, killing two.  The motivation is still unclear, but Liberals have created a narrative that the men were stabbed because they were trying to protect two “Muslim” women from harassment by the killer, thereby trying to make this incident “white supremacist” murders.  The aggravated murder trial is pending.


  1. Don Lott

    April 14, 2018 at 10:43 am

    You would think that the Oregon Bar Association matters would have enough to do with legal matters—before taking time to examine their collective belly buttons for lent and or snowflakes. If I lived there I would go outside the state for legal help.

    • Walter

      April 16, 2018 at 9:56 am

      Your quotation from the OSB statement has a noteworthy omission, which I have marked in brackets below:

      “President Donald Trump, as the leader of our nation, has himself catered to this white nationalist movement, allowing it to make up the base of his support and [providing it] a false sense of legitimacy.”

      Your version of the quotation gives the false impression that the OSB questions the legitimacy of Donald Trump as president, when in fact the statement refers to the legitimacy of the white nationalist movement. I think you should provide the full quotation or at least mark your omission with an ellipsis. Thank you.

      • Walter

        April 16, 2018 at 9:57 am

        This was intended as a comment on the original post, not a reply to Don Lott.

      • Diane L. Gruber

        April 16, 2018 at 10:23 pm

        Walter: Thank you! If have corrected this typo. BTW, the Oregon State Bar has received a LOT of backlash over these two statements, as many, many Oregon attorneys are asking them to retract the statements. Diane

      • Kat

        April 17, 2018 at 7:33 pm

        I think the blatant words from the ABA is a direct aim at calling President Trump and his legitimatecy and all those who as citizens of this Country have every right to vote for whom we want without coercion or prejudice!
        I am tired of the same rhetoric that Trump supporters or now even Caucasians are white nationalists and or supremacists!
        To me sounds like We the American People have a lawsuit ensuing on the ABA for defamation of character and inciting racial tension and dissent between Americans!
        Shame on them and their fascist, racist bigoted spew!!

        • DIANE L. GRUBER

          April 20, 2018 at 9:12 pm

          Kat: There is quite a brouhaha within the 15,000 members of the Oregon State Bar, due to these two asinine statements. About 2/3 of attorneys in Oregon lean Right. But, the Bar is completely “owned” by the far Left. Diane

  2. Samo

    April 15, 2018 at 1:26 pm

    An avalanche of sound bites on a path to absurdity. I’ll see your dose of reverse-intolerance with a side of tin-hat home remedies and raise you three UFO sitings and a shark video.

  3. Mark Hackett

    April 23, 2018 at 12:59 pm

    I’m a longtime member of the Oregon State Bar, but apparently I receive a different version of the Bar Bulletin than Ms. Gruber because the statements I read do not make the outrageous claims she alleges in this article. I urge everyone to click on the link to the original statements in the Bar Bulletin and decide for yourself if Ms. Gruber’s inflammatory rhetoric accurately reflects the substance and tenor of the statements or if her commentary reads more like a Fox “News” report.

    • Lynn M Myrick

      April 23, 2018 at 2:18 pm

      There you go Mark Hackett – berating a supporter of Trump because you read with the blue of liberalism and, you agree with the accusations in the bar article. I wish the bar would stay out of politics altogether. You also have to mention Fox News when they have nothing to do with the issue being discussed. You forgot to attack the fake news of CNN and MSNBC. You are following the attack method you are taught by the far left. It is not a very intellectual or effective method, IMHO.

      Lynn M Myrick
      Grants Pass

      • Mark Hackett

        April 23, 2018 at 5:38 pm


        I’ll grant you that I could have left out the Fox News remark (although I stand by it!), but to say I berated or attacked Ms. Gruber is unfair. Disagreeing or even criticizing is not berating or attacking.

        As for the OSB’s statement, I do not understand how anyone, particularly members of the OSB such as you and me, can find anything inappropriate or offensive with the OSB taking a stand against extremism, racism and violence and firmly supporting equality and justice for all under the law. The OSB’s statement addresses the reality of our times without laying blame on any political party or particular person and is perfectly consistent with the OSB’s stated mission: “The mission of the Oregon State Bar is to serve justice by promoting respect for the rule of law, by improving the quality of legal services, and by increasing access to justice.”

        You and Ms. Gruber may take issue with the specialty bars’ more pointed statement, but that is not the statement of the OSB, a distinction that is not made clear in Ms. Gruber’s article. The OSB’s and specialty bars’ interests naturally overlap in many areas, but they are separate and distinct associations, each with its own governing body, mission and viewpoint. Simply lumping the two organizations’ statements together is unfair to either organization, not to mention the readers of Ms. Gruber’s article. Unfortunately, this is only one of Ms. Gruber’s inaccurate descriptions of the organizations’ statements.

        For example, even the title of Ms. Gruber’s article misleads the readers: “Oregon State Bar Issues Racist Statement.” Really?! Since when is a statement against racism, a “racist statement”?

        Then in her opening sentence, Ms. Gruber states, “In the Oregon State Bar’s April issue of the Bar Bulletin, their monthly magazine, the “leaders” of the Bar formally announced that Trump supporters are “white supremacists” and “white nationalists,” and, thus, were bad, bad, bad people and had only limited First Amendment Rights.” Even the most cynical reading of the OSB statement cannot justify this misleading and inflammatory assertion.

        The OSB’s statement does not ever mention President Trump or “white supremecists.” The only reference to “white nationalism” comes in the opening sentence of the OSB’s statement: “As the United States continues to grapple with a resurgence of white nationalism and the normalization of violence and racism, the Oregon State Bar remains steadfastly committed to the vision of a justice system that operates without discrimination and is fully accessible to all Oregonians.” How can anyone who believes in our democracy find offense in this statement?

        And nowhere does the OSB statement or the specialty bar statement suggest that supporters of President Trump or anyone else should only have “limited First Amendment rights.” The OSB statement’s only reference to the First Amendment simply asks that we bear in mind the narrow limits on free speech that incite violence: “We equally condemn the proliferation of speech that incites such violence. Even as we celebrate the great beneficial power of our First Amendment, as lawyers we also know it is not limitless. A systemic failure to address speech that incites violence emboldens those who seek to do harm, and continues to hold historically oppressed communities in fear and marginalization.”

        The specialty bar’s statement condemn’s “the violence that has occurred as a result of white nationalism and white supremacy,” then states, “Although we recognize the importance of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and the protections it provides, we condemn speech that incites violence, such as the violence that occurred in Charlottesville.”

        As you and I learned in law school, even our rights under the First Amendment have limits. Many years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court held the First Amendment does not give us the right to yell, “Fire,” in a crowded theater or incite listeners to take violent action. The OSB’s statement and the specialty bars’ statement are consistent with this well-established principle of First Amendment law.

        Of course, Ms. Gruber may disagree with the line drawn by the Supreme Court (although she does not state one way or the other), but her article leaves the impression that the OSB and specialty bar are calling for new limits on free speech, rather than calling for upholding the limits already in place.

        I firmly believe Ms. Gruber has every right to express her views. I also believe she and anyone else is entitled to disagree with and criticize the OSB’s statement and the specialty bars’ statement. However, Ms. Gruber does a disservice to her readers when she conflates the OSB’s statement and the specialty bars’ statements as if they were one and the same or when she mischaracterizes the content of the statements. This may rally the troops, but it does little to further meaningful discussion of the serious problems addressed in the statements.

        I, for one, am proud our Bar takes a clear stand against extremism, racism and violence and for equal access to justice for all Oregonians.

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