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The “leaders” at the Oregon State Bar, former George W. haters, have lost their tenuous grip on reality over Donald Trump’s presence in the Oval Office.  In the Bar’s monthly magazine, The Bulletin, where no Conservative thought is allowed, they formally announced that Trump supporters are “white supremacists” and “white nationalists.”

In the April issue of The Bulletin the Bar “leaders” also warned Oregon’s attorneys that they only have limited First Amendment Rights:

Their “Statement on White Nationalism and Normalization of Violence” warned Oregon’s attorneys that the First Amendment is “not limitless.”  “We condemn the proliferation of speech that incites such violence,” when referring to Americans who support President Trump and/or criticize Liberal policies.  Of course, the Bar supports inciteful speech when used by Liberals, such as the riot at Lewis & Clark Law School.

This statement was signed by the president and president-elect of the bar’s board of governors, a board member, the bar’s chief executive officer, a state bar staff member and a volunteer lawyer who leads the bar’s diversity and inclusion committee.

Make no mistake about it, this was a warning to all of Oregon’s 19,000+ attorneys:  If you support the Trump Administration keep your mouth shut!!!  Since the Oregon State Bar controls whether or not an attorney can practice in Oregon, their threat has teeth.

You can find these statements on the Oregon State Bar’s website, in the April 2018 issue of The Bar Bulletin, pages 42 & 43:


The Bar’s blatantly partisan two-page hate-filled diatribe is a clear violation of a 1990 U.S. Supreme Court ruling:  Keller v. State Bar of California, which held that attorneys who are required to be members of a state bar association DO have a First Amendment right to refrain from subsidizing the organization’s political or ideological activities.


The Bar has been pushing and force-feeding Liberal agendas to Oregon’s attorneys for over 20 years, but, to the best of this writer’s memory, this is the first time they have trash-talked a sitting president, and openly threatened its members.  Indeed, no criticism of Obama was ever allowed, not even in Letters to the Editor.


The Oregon State Bar’s Board of Governors (BOG) held an emergency meeting May 1st to deal with the hundreds of complaints they have received from Oregon attorneys.  They determined this problem was small and could be dealt with by refunding $1.21 to each attorney who complained.  [Oregon attorneys must pay $552 in dues each year, or lose the right to practice law.]

Daniel Z Crowe, retired military, who represents veterans at Metropolitan Public Defender Services in Portland, attended this hearing, and told the 15 BOG members this refund was not enough.  He told them that their statements in the April issue of The Bulletin “indicated the Oregon State Bar is not our bar.  “The harm that was done was great,” he said. “Therefore, the degree of atonement must be substantial.”

“There probably will be no other remedy than to bring a Keller action in federal court against the Oregon State Bar because that would indicate the Oregon State Bar is unwilling and incapable of disciplining itself,” Crowe said.  “I believe a thorough atonement is called for a thoroughly inexcusable error.”

Crowe called this an “error.”  This writer disagrees.  The Bar “leaders” believed that the membership is so cowed that no one would complain about yet another Keller violation.  Attorneys wrote, discussed and published these illegal statements!!!  They knew they were violating Keller!

Diane L. Gruber

Oregon Attorney At Law

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