Beto O’Rourke’s Campaign Flagged By The FEC For Finance Violations


Robert Francis O’Rourke aka “Beto” aka “Beta” aka “Soy Boy” is hoping to unseat Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

The Cult-Like following Beto has in Texas is something scary.

According to this letter from the FEC, O’Rourke has not only accepted donations from people that exceed what they are allowed to donate, but his campaign has also accepted donations from foreign nationals outside of the US.

You can click the documents on the tweet to read them:

The warning from the FEC came on the same evening that O’Rourke was scheduled to debate Sen. Ted Cruz at the University of Houston. The El Paso congressman declined Cruz’s invitation to the debate, instead of live streaming his repeated attempts at making a campaign ad. O’Rourke notably avoided committing to any debates against Cruz for weeks during the summer, and even bowed out of the first tentatively scheduled debate saying he was unhappy that he didn’t get a big enough say in the terms.


H/T Right Scoop /DC


Texans know how to govern Texans. Beto is from El Paso. You might as well consider El Paso Mexico. Their values are not Texas values.

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  1. Ernie White

    October 2, 2018 at 11:12 am

    Hey! Thanks for letting of the voting, tax paying Texans in El Paso know how you feel about us! Could I get some details about who is funding this newsletter?

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