Ouch! Jerry Seinfeld Rejects Kesha


Well, that was awkward.

On Monday night, Kesha and Jerry Seinfeld were both in attendance at the Night of Laughter & Song Event in Washington D.C.  It was there that the two “met” for the first time.

While on the red carpet, Kesha cut the comedian off mid-interview.  Next, the blonde pop star seized the moment and asked Seinfeld for a hug.  Seinfeld was clearly taken aback at this aggressive approach.  His response? “No, thanks.”  The painful rejection continues for a few moments.  Finally, Kesha gets the hint and walks away.

To add insult to injury, Seinfeld turns back to his interviewer and says, “I don’t know who that was.”  Later, he follows up with “Oh, well, I wish her the best,” after learning the singer’s identity.

Watch the video, and tell us if you think Kesha deserved this icy exchange.

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