OUTRAGE: Teacher Bullies SPECIAL NEEDS STUDENT After She Used Him For Daughters Fundraiser!


You Know The Country Has Gone To Hell When Teachers Abuse Special Needs Students For Personal Gain!

A Facebook post has gone viral after the sister of a bullied student posted it to the social media site. What’s the big deal? Well, A special needs teacher has been caught abusing one of her special needs students. Before you go into a rage, Let’s read the story first, then you can show up with pitchforks after.

I have been struggling with this for months and I can’t keep it to myself much longer. My brother is 15. He is smart. He is goofy. He is loving. He is kind. He is autistic. He does not deserve what has been happening to him at school.

Rewind to a few months ago, when at his IEP, his teacher was telling us that she believes he should be in school until he’s 22. That she believes he won’t amount to much, and that he can’t live a normal life. Although I was completely enraged, I said nothing, in respect of everyone else that was there. During this meeting, he was going around and trying to get everyone to buy a beef jerky stick for a school fundraiser. The amazing salesman he is, he quickly went through bags and bags of them, surprising all of us with the amount of work he was putting it. Not so surprisingly, his teacher also noticed how well he was doing. A few months after the fundraiser, he came home with another one. Different than the beef jerky, we decided to check it out. His teacher, his college educated, special ed teacher, had given Troy a fundraiser to benefit her daughter, with her daughters name on it! We threw it away in hopes that the message was clear. You are NOT going to use my brother to sell things for your daughter. You are NOT going to trick him into thinking he’s doing it for a good cause, when in reality it was for her daughters softball team. A few weeks after this, he comes home with ANOTHER fundraiser. This time it’s addressed to the teacher and her daughter. We decided to finally contact the school, as it was disgusting a special ed teacher was trying to take advantage of one of her students. The school “talked” to her, which obviously didn’t do much. Considering after they talked to her she started bullying him. Telling him he couldn’t go on field trips, nitpicking at his clothing, allowing his library charges to stack up and then said to a librarian “it’s not my problem”, verbally abusing him at school, and more Troy hasn’t even told us. He has come home day after day sad and frustrated because he doesn’t understand why his teacher would treat him like this when he was doing the right thing. He has even threatened to kill himself. I feel like so powerless in this fight, and I can’t let it continue.

Please share this because this teacher does not deserve her job or any kind of respect! Don’t let her do this to another child, NOBODY deserves this.

The teacher is Ms. Hager at Sandusky High School. VIA Trinity Benson

So, the teacher that bullied Troy got upset because of the family wasn’t going to allow her to take advantage of him? WOW! You talk about a disgrace. Who the hell does she think she is? When the school does nothing, that becomes a problem. Small towns tend to have a problem with dealing with any type of bullying, and then try to play the victim when something like this is shown to the rest of the world.

The school finally responded AFTER the post went viral. Yes, it took the school this long to address the problem. Apparently, they didn’t think it was a problem until they started receiving thousands of calls, started gaining national attention. Funny how that happens.

SANDUSKY Register  — Sandusky Schools superintendent Eugene Sanders provided a statement Thursday addressing a viral Facebook post.

The post, written by Trinity Benson, 17, claims a Sandusky teacher bullied her 15-year-old brother Troy.

Eugene Sanders: “There was a recent Facebook post regarding one of our students that has received a lot of attention. In a small community like Sandusky, as the chief executive officer and superintendent, I get to know many of our students. In this case, I know the student personally and we are all very fond of this student. I had the opportunity to meet with the student and the student’s family this morning to specifically address their concerns. It was a very productive meeting and I feel confident we will be able to work out a solution in the best interest of the student. Our school leadership team takes matters of this nature very seriously and will do our due diligence to address matters in a comprehensive manner. I am personally monitoring the situation and will report out at the appropriate time.”

This should never happen when we send our students to school these kinds of teachers deserve alot more than being fired. There is zero knowledge is Hager has been fired.

Check back for more updates!

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  1. Linda L. Koile (retired Chief of Police)

    March 27, 2018 at 11:21 am

    It is an atrocity when we trust teachers to look out for the best interest of our special needs students, and they abuse, taunt, humiliate and mentally hurt a child that has a different avenue of learning. That teacher needs to be fired. How many other students has she abused and the child hasn’t told his/her parent due to being ashamed or afraid of the consequences? This teacher might have had union protection before this job…do your job and check that out. In my opinion, she should NOT be around children. I believe Troy. I believe he was telling the truth.

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