PANIC: When Debbie Wasserman Schultz Sees What The FBI Just Found, She Will Run In Fright


In the most under-reported scandal maybe ever, Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ former Pakistani IT guy, who is under investigation by the FBI, tried to hide whatever is on his computer hard drives by smashing them to smithereens.

Imran Awran was Wasserman Schultz’ IT Specialist.  What that means is he had access to very important congressional computer systems!  And he, along with his brothers, wife and best friend, are criminal suspects in a federal investigation  into abuse of the servers, among other crimes.

Check this story out:

Did you see that?  What about the part where everyone fired this IT guy when this story first broke, EXCEPT WASSERMAN SCHULTZ!  She didn’t do anything to rid this threat to American security until he was arrested!

Here’s more:

What’s great is that the FBI may have already read what’s on those smashed hard drives.  That’s right, apparently if you smash a hard drive, it doesn’t usually damage the part that holds the actual data!  Yes, that part if still recoverable!

An ethics complaint has been filed against Wasserman Schultz, for keeping this treat on her payroll long after his access to congressional computer systems was terminated.  And since his arrest, she’s been basically in hiding.  I’d say this scandal could lead to way worse than an ethics complaint for her!

It’s truly disgusting how this real scandal, and threat to America, has been so under-reported by our media, who is focused ONLY on discrediting and trying to bring down our President.  It just proves what they are really all about, doesn’t it?

If you care about our country, please get the REAL scandal SHARED, ya’ll!

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