PARTY GIRL MALIA OBAMA Caught On Camera Rolling and Pounding Fists Into The Ground At Wild Chicago Lallapalooza Festival


But Baron Trump wore a t-shirt that said “The Expert!”

With classes at Harvard starting in just a few weeks, Malia Obama is livin’ it up before she heads off to college. Malia took a moment to celebrate with friends at the 2017 Lollapallooza in Chicago. The 19-year-old daughter of Barack and Michele Obama witnessed acts such as Chance The Rapper, The Killers and she even took a photo with rapper Anime.

The former First Daughter was caught on video rolling wildly on the ground, pounding her fists during a performance at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago.

TMZ obtained video that shows Malia and a gal pal dancing wildly as the Las Vegas rock band played its hits during the headlining set on Friday night. In the first video clip, Malia helps a friend by pulling her up from the ground, but in the second clip, Malia dances and falls to the ground while pounding her fist on the ground. These video clips come a year after Malia was captured twerking in the crowd at the 2016 Lollapallooza. During that same festival, some claimed that she was photographed smoking marijuana although it was never proven.


Here’s videotape from last year at the festival twerking and grinding while listening to rapper Bryson Tiller.

It was reported that Malia was hanging out with some of the acts in private dressing rooms before the acts took the stage. So in other words, Malia was backstage hanging out with the one-percenters. Mae sure you don’t tell her racist mom, because it could blow the whole “victim” narrative she pushed for 8 painful years.

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