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President Trump SCOLDS CNN’S Jim Acosta During Singapore Meeting


CNN’S Jim Acosta was completely out of control during the Singapore Summit. As we reported earlier, Jim Acosta was being his typical disrespectful self during the Summit. We think it’s high time he goes.

President Trump felt the need to tell Acosta what he needed to do. It was EPIC!

Acosta is always there when you don’t want him to be.

He really is the most annoying person in the room. If you’ve ever been around him, he’s like a little child that can’t seem to keep his mouth shut.

Indeed it is. I bet everyone is sick, and tired of Jim being around them. I can almost bet his breathe smells like ass.

Jim thinks very highly of himself. It’s hilarious.

and we get to the GOLD!

Everyone is waiting for CNN to do themselves a favor, and fire Jim Acosta. He’s been nothing but trouble, and can’t seem to mind his manners. We should just call him a “Man-child” that’s exactly what he acts like.

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