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The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), is a group founded by two attorneys in Alabama in 1971.  Their mission was to combat racism and ostensively improve the lives of blacks.  This “charity” work has made its founder Morris Dees (a white man) a millionaire.

SPLC’s net worth is $315 million with $67 million in offshore accounts to avoid accountability.  To keep the donations flowing in they have to create racist boogeymen out of whole cloth.  In 2017 alone, Apple and actor George Clooney each gave a million dollars to SPLC.  Without racists how would they get their money?

What do race pimps do when they can’t find enough “whites” to label as “white supremacists?”  They ignore the race of the bad guy, they ignore the race of his victims, and they ignore the bad guy’s motivation for the killings.


SPLC recently published an article claiming that 13 men who committed murders in the last four years did so because they were White Supremacists, because they hated people who were not white.  This claim falls flat when details about these killers are examined.

Let’s examine the details surrounding seven of these killers:

Roseburg, OR, October 2015:  Just days after a 26-year-old man who identified as “mixed race” received a suspension letter due to poor grades from Umpqua Community College, he went to his college and shot 17 people, killing nine.  Based upon the photos of the dead, they all appear to be white.

The Oregon college shooter, seen on the left, admired Vester Flanagan, seen on the right, because he was able to attract attention by murdering two TV reporters on-camera.

Chris Harper-Mercer left a suicide note stating that he was “in a bad way” and had “no life.”  He further stated that he would be “welcomed in Hell and embraced by the devil.”  Chris had struggled with severe mental problems starting at age 8 and turned his gun on himself as police and armed citizens surrounded him.

Harper-Mercer idolized Vester Flanagan, a black man who had killed two TV reporters on-camera just weeks earlier.

Isla Vista, CA, May 2014:  According to the SPLC, killings by “alt-right white supremacists” began on May 23, 2014 when Elliot Rodger, whose father was white and his mother was Asian, shot and stabbed 21 people, killing seven.

Rodger, age 22, had a long history of severe mental problems.  His online postings revealed that he was full of hate because “beautiful girls” were not interested in him.

Orange County, CA, December 2017:  SPLC claims Samuel Woodward is only the latest white supremacist to kill, and there will be more to come in the Era of Trump.  Woodward, age 20, stabbed to death a high school friend who also went to Arts School with him.  Both were white.  With a gay victim, why didn’t SPLC accuse the killer of being homophobic?  Because they are race pimps and that wouldn’t fit into their racist narrative.

Skagit County, WA, July 2017:  Lane M. Davis, age 37, stabbed his father to death during an argument.  Both were white.

Reston, VA, December 2017:  One morning a girl’s parents awoke to find Nicholas Giampa, age 17, in their daughter’s bedroom.  He shot and killed them before turning the gun on himself.  Previously, these parents told their daughter to end her relationship with this mentally ill boy.  All involved were white.

Portland, OR, May 2017:  This bizarre event took place in this writer’s backyard, and I am acquainted with several people who know the “heroes.”  On a Saturday, two Antifa thugs, sans the black masks they wear while beating up Conservatives, were following Jeremy Christian.

Christian, a street person, was well known to the police due to his bizarre behavior and public rantings.  He posted on social media that he is half Vietnamese, and comes from a large Vietnamese family.  Christian, age 35, is a mentally ill man who professes to be a white supremacist.

Christian boarded a commuter train, so the Antifa men did, too.  This is where the story changes depending upon who you talk to:

  • The Antifa thugs started harassing Christian on the MAX train. Eventually he took out a knife and slashed the throats of three men, including the two Antifa thugs.  One Antifa died and one lived.  The bystander also died.  All three men were white.
  • Christian was verbally harassing two teenage girls, one wearing a Hijab, so the Antifa men and a bystander confronted him. Christian slashed their throats. There are two problems with this story.  The police were unable to find the two girls and they have not come forward.  What are the odds that a white supremacist and two Antifa men, who know Christian on sight, would accidentally find themselves on the same commuter train in a city the size of Portland?

Matthew Riehl ended a lifelong struggle with mental illness by ambushing police, killing one.

Denver, CO, December 2017:  Matthew Riehl, age 37, had struggled with severe mental illness since childhood, and was well-known to law enforcement.  He went downhill fast after losing his license to practice law.  Just weeks before the murders, Riehl claimed to be the Libertarian candidate for Douglas County Sheriff.

During a dispute with another man in his apartment building, police were called.  By the time they arrived Riehl was waiting for them, ambushing seven and killing a sheriff’s deputy.


Mental illness played a much bigger role in these killings than political ideology.  SPLC ignores the fact that most of the 13 killers they label as “white supremacists” had a well-documented, long term battle with severe mental illness.

In need of racists to use as bait, SPLC is looking further afield.  They search through crime reports, then twist the facts into pretzels to fit their racist narrative.  This is good news!  SPLC’s difficulty in finding racists in 21st Century America is good news.

Diane L. Gruber

Proud American

POSTSCRIPT:  Law enforcement sources have determined the total number of white supremacists in the USA is about TWENTY THOUSAND.  Out of a population of 320,000,000+ that means 00625% may be white supremacists.  Out of this 20,000 a very miniscule number may be violent.  Are white supremacists more likely to be violent than other Americans?  Perhaps, perhaps not.  We may never know because the race-baiters have long distorted the statistics by intentionally mis-labeling people.




  1. Joni

    February 11, 2018 at 10:21 pm

    Well researched, concise article, opens the eyes of America to the twists and turns of mental disabilities, laced with hate and or satanism. This cocktail is a ticking timebom created by a handfull of haters and financial prostitutes, that create a wave of fear throughout the nation.
    As usual, exemplary writing.

  2. JuTorres

    February 14, 2018 at 2:05 am

     There are more than 700 Confederate statues in 31 states and the District of Columbia,  according to a 2016 SPLC report. White supremacist ideology has also been amplified in wake of President Donald Trump’s election, as people feel increasingly emboldened to assert far-right sentiments.  SPLC is currently tracking 917 hate groups in the country—many of which are targeting high school and college students.

  3. Diane L. Gruber

    February 16, 2018 at 7:49 am

    JuTorres: Did you read the whole article? SPLC is defining “white supremacists” so broadly that it has no meaning, such as the Black college professor (Check out the article I wrote two weeks ago: “LIBERALS DEMAND EDUCATED BLACKS STAY ON DEMOCRAT PLANTATION”). Diane


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