Racist Trump Administration Forgives $322 Million In Loans To BLACK COLLEGES!


Racist President Donald J. Trump’s Administration Just Doesn’t Care For Anyone Who Isn’t White.

Oh Wait, That’s just Liberal BS Propaganda!

President Trump is the furthest from being racist. You can ask anyone who works with him and has done business with him. He’s not racist, never will be racist, and doesn’t even resemble a racist.  The left wants you to believe the President is racist. That’s the age-old battle cry liberals have used for years. They have to cover up their racist ideas and push them off on someone else.

The Education Department under Betsy Devos has completely forgiven $322 MILLION dollars in loans sent to black colleges for natural disaster destruction. That’s odd, I thought everything about Trump was racist? Hmmm. Makes Conservatives Laugh.


The U.S. Education Department is granting full forgiveness of $322 million in loans made to four historically black colleges and universities that suffered damage after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita struck the Gulf Coast in 2005.

“This additional disaster relief will lift a huge burden and enable the four HBCUs to continue their focus on serving their students and communities,” Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said in a statement. “This relief provides one more step toward full recovery.”

In the aftermath of the storms, Dillard University, Southern University at New Orleans, Tougaloo College and Xavier University of Louisiana collectively borrowed more than $360 million through the HBCU Capital Financing Program in 2007. The money was used to renovate, refinance existing debt and build new facilities. The schools struggled to repay the debt amid depressed enrollment, and in 2013 received a five-year reprieve on payments that was set to expire this spring.

A provision in the two-year budget deal signed into law this year gave DeVos leeway to forgive the outstanding balance owed by the four schools.

“We are deeply grateful for the bipartisan legislative efforts and to the Trump administration for relief of the Katrina loans to Xavier University of Louisiana,” said C. Reynold Verret, president of Xavier of Louisiana. “Forgiveness of the loans removes a great impediment to innovation and the delivery of superlative education to talented women and men who build and sustain our communities, cities and nations.”

Let it be known that Donald Trump isn’t a racist. The left wants you to believe that BS because they can’t stand the fact that President Trump is MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!



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  1. CPH

    March 16, 2018 at 12:09 pm

    Why in the hell do BLACK COLLEGES even exist ???????????
    I guess the reason is to keep racism alive in the USA. There should only be colleges that accept everyone. Any and all funding should be discontinued for institutions that only accept certain races.

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