Revealed: Hillary Clinton WANTED To Move To New Zealand After Losing To Trump!


You read that headline right. Hillary Clinton wanted to move away after she lost her Presidental Bid to now PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump. What a sad story because she didn’t do it.

While Hillary Clinton is was on her “IT’S EVERYONE ELSE FAULT” I lost book tour, she decided to TRASH the United States and try to get sympathy from New Zealanders. She went on, and on why she lost the election, and never even took any responsibility for her own actions. What cracks us all up is she’s out trying to sell this book to the world so she can keep living her billionaire lifestyle. After losing the election, Bill, and Hillary Clinton’s wealth started to dry up. The major donors stopped writing the checks and donating to the Clinton Global Initiative. You know, the same Global Initiative where they stole millions if not BILLIONS from the people of Haiti.

Here’s the video:


The former secretary of state told roughly 3,000 people in Auckland that she received multiple offers to take a job in New Zealand and thought about living there for the rest of her life.

“I must say I really did appreciate the offers. Gave them some thought,” Clinton, 70, admitted. “But I’m going to stay put because we have work to do in my country as well.”

She said she is still unhappy about losing the election to President Trump and brought up some of her previously stated grievances with him.

Jenny Shipley, a former prime minister of New Zealand and the first woman to hold that position, interviewed Clinton.

“You’re now on your third woman prime minister. Just saying,” Clinton told Shipley, according to a local report. – Washington Examiner 

The only question I have for Mrs. Bill Clinton is this,

When in the hell are you going to fade away? You’re not fighting for “Democracy”. You’re fighting hard to keep the power that you’ve slowly lost thanks to President Donald J. Trump. That’s right. PRESIDENT TRUMP has taken the torch from you that wasn’t suppose to fall into your hands. He saved America from YOU, the person that would honestly sell her own Daughter, and Grandchildren up the river just to keep in power. We don’t hold it against you, we just want you to get the hell out of dodge. How hard is that?

I find this one of the best videos out there on election night. You know, the night Hillary Clinton was defeated, and American was brought up from her knees, and could finally breathe again.

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