RIDICULOUS! NFL Player’s Reason On Why He Boycotts The National Anthem


I’m beginning to think when you’re pushed down to third string on an NFL team, you want to get famous quick, or you’re just trying to prove to everyone what a blatant disrespectful idiot you are to the country that’s given you all of your freedoms, you boycott the National Anthem!

Oakland Raiders star Marshawn Lynch sat out the 2016 season, but came out of retirement this spring.

So why did Lynch sit down during Saturday night’s game against the Arizona Cardinals? Lynch becomes the latest athlete to not stand during the national anthem joining Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins – who will continue to do so this year – and free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick. No other players joined Lynch during the anthem on Saturday.

After the game, head coach Jack Del Rio told the press he spoke to Lynch, who told him he hasn’t stood for the National Anthem in 11-years. Del Rio calls it a “non-issue” in his opinion.

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