Rough Day: Democrats Cave on DACA, Now They Find a Big ‘Surprise’ Hidden In Senate Bill Passed


The Democrats Are Having A Really Bad Week.

After Caving To Republicans, They found out something that had them in TURMOIL!


From the jump, the government shutdown was something the Democrats wanted. They were using it as a weapon to make conservatives look bad. However, it backfired miserably and the American people clearly saw through the B.S. and realized that the Democrats were putting the needs of illegal immigrants before the needs of the military. That’s wrong and Schumer finally caved on Monday and re-opened the government without getting anything in return.

From Fox News:

The Senate on Monday voted 81-18 to break a Democratic filibuster on a stalled government spending bill, clearing the way for Congress to approve the stopgap measure and end the three-day government shutdown.

Democrats effectively backed off their opposition, after being given assurances from majority Republicans.

Before the vote, Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer made clear that Democrats would supply the GOP-controlled Senate with the votes needed, in exchange for “fair” and immediate efforts to consider legislation that would protect illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children. It was a stark contrast from his position just a few days ago.

Republicans were already going to consider DACA. So, Democrats basically accomplished nothing with their temper tantrum.



Apparently, the progressive left isn’t happy about Schumer getting taken to the woodshed.

And now comes the icing on the cake.

Democrats are just finding out about a special little something Republicans managed to slip into the deal that they agreed to today.




From New York Times:

Congress is apparently not done cutting taxes, even after passing a $1.5 trillion tax overhaul last year.

The deal struck by Democrats and Republicans on Monday to end a brief government shutdown contains $31 billion in tax cuts, including a temporary delay in implementing three health care-related taxes.

So much winning.

Chuck Schumer really misplayed his hand here. Remember all the liberals out there who told us that Trump wasn’t actually a good dealmaker and wouldn’t actually be a good leader? Yeah, what happened to that? He completely outdueled Schumer and the Democrats on this one.


From Fox News:

On “Outnumbered Overtime,” Sen. Cory Gardner argued that Democrats will have to explain to the American people why the nearly three-day government shutdown was necessary. He said the “same basic offer” was available to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Friday night but it was rejected

Tammy Bruce said on “Outnumbered Overtime” that this was a “fiasco” for Democrats and they wanted to end it as fast as possible.

“This was an indication for the first time that Republicans weren’t getting nailed with blame for something. … Perhaps the president’s tweets helped. The media seemed to be a little confused about how to carry this. … The facts were bad for the Democrats.”

You’d think that Schumer would be a little more prepared for a situation like this given his experience but clearly, Trump and Republicans in Congress were able to outmaneuver him. Basically, they kicked the can down the road until the next showdown but Democrats now know that they aren’t going to get everything they want. In fact, they are going to have to make some concessions. Is border wall funding coming soon? Sure looks like it.

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  1. Joyce Fox

    January 22, 2018 at 10:31 pm

    Donald Trump built buildings in over-crowded cities, took the Miami City Council to the woodshed for his desire to desegregate what had been a segregated country club called Mar-a-Lago, and generally made himself a multi-billionaire with his deal-making know-how. Do you Democrats really think your pussy-footing around your political allies and “enemies” who know only how to make deals between politicians can out-maneuver this business genius? Fools!

    • Joe

      January 22, 2018 at 11:48 pm

      End Daca kick all illegals out of the country they weren’t supposed to bein in the first place… either they leave freely Or leave at gun point. If that’s the case then they should NEVER BE ALLOWED TO RETURN TO THE U.S even if they get a visa from their government.
      The law that makes someone an American simple because there ILLEGAL parents brought them here as anchor babies to stay here illegally. This law must be stopped at all costs. In short get out and take those anchor babies with you as
      As well as your illegal kids you brought here.

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