Russian Billionaire Claims Soros Funding Fusion GPS


George Soros Has Tried To Do Everything In His Power To Bring Down Donald Trump.

The only problem is the American people will always have the upper hand. No influence can trick the American people once they’re WOKE. In 2016, the nomination of Hillary Clinton woke the American people up, and lit a fire under their asses.


We’re now learning that Soros has been funding The Fusion GPS Firm.

Zero Hedge:

Deripaska describes the ongoing “Russia narrative” as nothing more than a scandal manufactured by the deep state. “Wagging the dog costs money,” writes Deripaska. “So, who is the “funding mechanism” of this “shadowy government?”” Why, none other than billionaire financier George Soros, according to Daniel Jones – as relayed to Congressional investigators by Deripaska’s attorney Adam Waldman:

[O]n March 16, 2017, Daniel Jones — himself a team member of Fusion GPS, self-described former FBI agent and, as we now know from the media, an ex-Feinstein staffer — met with my lawyer, Adam Waldman, and described Fusion as a “shadow media organization helping the government,” funded by a “group of Silicon Valley billionaires and George Soros.” My lawyer testified these facts to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Nov. 3. Mr. Soros is, not coincidentally, also the funder of two “ethics watchdog” NGOs (Democracy 21 and CREW) attacking Rep. Nunes’ committee memo. -Oleg Deripaska

Jones currently runs the Penn Quarter Group, a “research and investigative advisory” firm whose website was registered in April of 2016, days before Steele delivered his first in a series of Trump-Russia memos. Jones began tweeting out articles suggesting illicit ties between the Trump campaign and Russia as early as 2017.

As The Federalist’s Sean Davis reported last month, Congressional documents and leaked texts between Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) and Deripaska’s attorney Adam Waldman reveal that Jones is “intimately involved with ongoing efforts to retroactively validate” the Steele / Fusion GPS memos.

Jones comes up in leaked text messages between Sen. Warner and Waldman as a point of contact for Christopher Steele. The encrypted text messages, leaked to Fox News, discuss efforts by Warner to secure Steele’s testimony.

“I spoke w Steele,” Waldman wrote on April 25, 2017. “He repeated the same position which is that he wants to be helpful but is fearful of the triumvirate of cost, time suck and reputation.”

“He asked me what your concern was about a letter first and I explained it but he would still like as a first protective step from you and [Sen. Richard] Burr asking him and his partner to assist w the investigation by answering questions,” Waldman added. “He [Steele] said he will also speak w Dan Jones whom he says is talking to you.”

“I pointed out there is no privilege in that discussion although Dan [Jones] is a good guy and very trustworthy guy. I encouraged him again to engage with you for the sake of the truth and of vindication of the dossier,” he wrote.  -Adam Waldman to Mark warner

Jones’ name was also mentioned in a list of individuals from a January 25 Congressional letter from Senators Grassley and Graham to various Democratic party leaders who were likely involved in Fusion GPS’s 2016 efforts. The letter seeks all communications between the Democrats and a list of 40 individuals or entities, of which Jones is one.

Deripaska – Russia’s richest man before the 2008 financial crisis, has recently come under fire for his association with short-lived Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. Last week a prostitute from Belarus claimed to have a tape of Deripaska discussing “plans” for the 2016 election, which she says she’ll release if someone gets her out of a Thai prison.

Leftist want to bring down the United States if it’s the last thing they do. They can’t stand a free people. Look at all these war-torn countries that have been ravaged because of money in politics. The African leaders have fought among themselves and have created Gorilla warfare. That’s exactly what Soros and many other Billionaires want for America.

What we have here is worse than Richard Nixon’s Watergate. The Democratic party worked alongside Russian Billionaires, as well as George Soros to spy on then-candidate Donald Trump, to make sure they could find any, and everything they could so Hillary Clinton would become the 45th POTUS. The American people were not fooled.



  1. Charles Douglas

    March 9, 2018 at 10:16 am

    Just look how they have did as much as they can to bring down Our President!, what in hell is going on with these corrupt SOB in the Dem o crap party in our Government, it’s time to VOTE with all out of OFFICE, really it’s TIME…..

  2. Lee Vail

    March 9, 2018 at 1:48 pm

    With so much evidence I am stunned as to why Trump and Republicans aren’t going after everyone involved. 20-30 years ago a scandal such as this would have been headline news and trials would be dealing with this.

    • Cheeseburger Freedom Man

      March 28, 2018 at 12:31 am

      It’s because this whole thing is in the heads of conspiracy-mongering paranoid conservatards.

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