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Sarah Huckabee Sanders ROCKS! She comes to the podium fully prepared, ready to kick a$$, and dish out what the crooked press can’t stand to hear: COLD, HARD FACTS! (VIDEO BELOW)

Today during The White House press briefing, Sarah hit the crooked press with those cold, hard FACTS in a big way. She stood her ground defending President Trump, his administration, and herself from the continuous Anti-Trump bashing. They come in with prepared attack questions and Sarah doesn’t even break a sweat. Go Sarah! Will the press need safe spaces soon?  (VIDEO BELOW)

Today as the press continuously pushed question after question about President Trump’s tweets, Sarah pinned them to the wall, looking them directly in the eyes saying, “in the last month the evening news has spent 1 minute talking about tax reform, 3 minutes on infrastructure, 5 minutes on economy and jobs, 17 minutes on health care, and 353 MINUTES ATTACKING THE PRESIDENT AND PUSHING A FALSE NARRATIVE ON RUSSIA!” (VIDEO BELOW)

How’s that for COLD, HARD FACTS? Watch her give the royal treatment BELOW:

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A WWII Veteran and and political office holder, Myron has been serving his community since 1943. He continues to participate in public discourse as a political writer on several Conservative journals and news sites.

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  1. Peggy Evans

    July 2, 2017 at 12:23 pm

    Yes This WOMAN JUST BUSTED THEM ALL BIG TIME. AND WHY ARE THE PUSSY HEAD WOMAN NOT SCREAMING SEXISM AT THE HOSTIL MALE MEDIA ATTACKING SARAH ALL THE TIME. They say PRESIDENT TRUMP is sexiest if he verbally stands up for himself against Mika (the two headed, Joe’s head is controlled by her) witch who daily attacked him. So why aren’t these men sexist for arguing with Sarah’s VERY SMART FACTUAL ANSWERS. But no they just keep attacking her over and over even after she answered them. AND WHY ARE THERE ZERO, NONE, NOTHING ABOUT CNN VIDEO WHERE THEY WERE CAUGHT ADMITTING LYING ABOUT THEIR REPORTING ON OUR PRESIDENT????????? HYPOCTITES, HYPOCRITES, HYPOCRITES. Democrats

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