Seattle Mayor Sets Aside $250,000 in Tax Payer Money to Shield ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS from Deportation

Another example of tax payer’s money going to ridiculous causes. Legal students could use that money for education purposes but Seattle’s Mayor believes the money is better suited for people who aren’t even suppose to be here in the first place so they can be educated on how to remain here illegally.

Via Seattle Times:

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray on Friday announced aspects of his $250,000 plan to help children from immigrant and refugee families navigate what could be a different environment after President-elect Donald Trump takes office.

Murray promised in November, in the wake of Trump’s election, to set the money aside for students from families with undocumented immigrants.

“The rhetoric and the promises of the incoming administration are a threat to Seattle’s economy and to Seattle’s workers,” Murray said Friday.

The mayor outlined several efforts on which the $250,000 will be spent, including certain services for immigrants of all ages.

Via Fox News:

The Times reported immigrant rights training will be provided to school employees and information will be given on what legal avenues families have to protect themselves.

Counseling and peer support for secondary school students will also be provided under the plan, a city spokesman told the paper.

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