In October, 1971, this writer drove from Minot, North Dakota, where I was attending college, to Bismarck (the state capitol), about 90 miles south.  I wanted to meet Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA)*.  He and his first wife, Joan, were attending a dedication of a historical project that day in downtown Bismarck.

As a drop-dead gorgeous college student, I soon caught Teddy’s eye.  When Joan was upstairs talking to others, Teddy grabbed my left arm and hustled me into an empty room.  When we were alone Teddy grabbed my left breast and tried to kiss me.  Shocked and frightened, I backed away, stared at him (I could not believe such a famous person would do that) and quickly left the room.

There were dozens of others at the dedication, which was held in an old Victorian house (if memory serves me).  Local politicians were present but I don’t remember their names or faces.  Forty-seven years is a long time.


At that time, I was an extremely naïve small-town girl.  Although I was not able to vote, I had already bought into the Democratic/Liberal Ideology that was overwhelming the country.  Looking back, THIS was the era when facts & logic started to take second place to fantasies & emotion.

It never occurred to me to report this to anyone.  Why would I?  I handled the situation.  No harm, no foul.  [Or should I say “fowl” since the Senator swims like a duck.*]  Besides, he was almost my idol.  I said I was very naïve, didn’t I?

As I matured and became aware of the falsehoods upon which Liberalism was based, I slowly found myself returning to common sense, logic and facts, which turned me from a middle-of-the-road Dem into a Conservative.  As a practicing attorney I saw up close the harm done to Americans by Liberal policies.

Nevertheless, it never occurred to me to go public with my account of what Senator Kennedy did to me.  To what end?  Although, over time, I came to almost loathe many of Teddy’s policies, positions & Senate votes, I saw no reason to make this encounter with him into a public spectacle.

I certainly would not gain anything if I reported this encounter.  Dems & the Mainstream Media would have attacked me and created a false narrative about me (for example: Monica & Slick Willy, Paula & Slick Willy, Juanita & Slick Willy, etc.).

About 90% of my story is true.  I will leave it to the readers to determine which part is not.

Diane L. Gruber

Recovering Liberal

 sexual assault, Teddy Kennedy, Chappaquidick, Kavanaugh, Dr. Ford*The “Lion of the Senate,” Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA), was a womanizer, sexual predator and committed manslaughter (July 18, 1969) of a young woman to save his bid for the presidency.  Drunk Teddy drove his car into a bay in Chappaquidick, MA, swam out and left Mary Jo Kopechne, age 28, to drown.  He did not bother to seek the help of the fire chief who lived just yards away.  He reported it the next day.

The coroner reported Mary Jo died from drowning, NOT from injury in the crash.  She lived for some time in an air pocket.  The Democrat establishment had NO concern for this woman and her parents.  They stood by Teddy and covered for him.  But, at least they didn’t destroy Mary Jo’s reputation & parents like they would today.


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  1. Alvin Browning

    October 6, 2018 at 8:24 pm

    Ms Gruber,
    I am so sorry you had to endure that – I don’t remember when I subscribed to be on your mailing list but I am certainly glad I am – What you have sent me thus far is definitely eye opening material.
    Please continue to keep me on your list.
    BTW – I have appropriated a new email & I will reply to your email with the new address.
    Thank You

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