SHOCKING VIDEO: Inside “Dictator Trump’s” Concentration Camp For Immigrant Children


The media is ENRAGED with the Trump administration right now because they along with many Democratic elected officials are now allowed inside a facility that takes in illegal migrant children. The claims of Child-endangerment and Child-molestation are being broadcasted across the airwaves. NBC can’t stop reporting on it, and neither can MSNBC. They’re making such outrageous claims that you would believe the children were being exterminated by the Government.

During an overwrought panel discussion on Friday’s MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle, former Barack Obama campaign staffer Stephanie Cutter and political analyst Michael Steele took turns comparing illegal immigrant detention centers along the U.S. southern border to Nazi death camps.

A youth migrant shelter in El Cajon opened its doors to journalists on Friday amid a public outcry about the Trump administration’s practice of separating families at the border.

Casa San Diego houses 65 boys between the ages of 6 and 17. About 10 percent of the boys were separated from their parents by the U.S. government, according to Gerardo Rivera, associate vice president of immigrant children’s services for Southwest Key Programs, the nonprofit that runs the shelter.

Rivera downplayed the difficulties that family separation has brought to the shelter, saying that Southwest Key — which operates 27 shelters in California, Arizona, and Texas — is used to dealing with kids who are upset or traumatized for a number of reasons, including gang violence in their home countries.

“This is not a new thing for us in the shelters,” he said. “These kids come in and they’re traumatized from a long time ago.”

Rivera said even the boys at the shelter who crossed the border alone are dealing with family separation anxieties because some of them lost parents to crime in Central America or had to say goodbye to loved ones at home.

The Department of Homeland Security transfers children to the Department of Health and Human Service’s Office of Refugee Resettlement, which places them in shelters like Casa San Diego. Shelters proliferated after 1997 when the Supreme Court ruled that immigrant minors could not be held in detention like adults. Case managers at the shelters try to find sponsors or foster care for the children, with a 1:8 ratio of case managers to children.

On Friday, a group of boys played soccer on a small blacktop area sandwiched by two beige one-story buildings of the shelter. Another group read picture books and novels in a classroom. When journalists entered the room, the teacher had the boys recite “good morning” in Spanish, Portuguese and other languages.

The boys stay three or four to a room on twin-sized beds with one bathroom per room, with lights out at 9 p.m. Their walls are decorated with sketches and printouts, including images of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and typed quotes such as “When you are sad, just think that for God you are special.”

Rivera showed us the intake room where the children are processed by a computer, a desk and a closet full of deodorant and clothing.

“This is where we calm them down,” he said. “Some kids come in with thorns (in their bodies) … once you eat you feel much better.”

The average stay at the facility is just over 50 days, but one child recently stayed for about 260 days, according to shelter staff. The shelter has had runaways in the past. When asked about the difficulties of getting the children in touch with mothers and fathers in detention or criminal proceedings, the Southwest Key staff said only that “the main issue” is locating them.

Reporters were not allowed to interview any of the children, nor to bring any recording device of any kind into the shelter. The government provided still photographs and some video of the shelter’s interior.

These kids are treated far better than our homeless.



Leftist has gone so far as lying, and posting fake photos to get the people wound up!

The real photo

Leave it up to Democrats to lie, and report Fake News.

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