Seventeen are dead at the hands of a former student, a tragedy unheard of just a generation ago.  What has changed in American society that young people have so little hope, so much rage?

According to law enforcement, Nicholas Cruz, age 19, came to his former high school in the town of Parkland, Broward County, Florida with a gun.  From both inside and outside the school building Cruz shot multiple times.  Early on we learned that there were “multiple fatalities” and 14 injured people taken to area hospitals.

According to early local media reports, up to seven people were killed, of which several were students, during this shooting event at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Some pupils said a fire alarm went off at around 2.40pm and they went outside.  Then they began to hear sounds like “balloons popping” and see teachers acting frantically.  One pupil said they heard five or six gunshots and people began running back into the school. Another said their friend had texted her to say: “There’s a lot of blood.”

Diane L. Gruber

Sad American

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I am a proud American who is tired of biting my tongue for fear of making a Liberal mad; for fear of being called racist because I believe in the Rule of Law; for fear of damaging my license to practice law. NO MORE!!!! Conservative-minded citizens have stayed silent for decades while Liberals have caused significant damage to American culture and to our nation. I lived in a Third-World Dictatorship. Generation after generation had been trained to kow tow to the government. They were afraid to discuss ANYTHING about the government even in the privacy of their own homes. My "Time" magazine arrived with articles cut out, after the censors got through checking it for heresy. With Political Correctness and "hate speech" rules, we are already halfway to officially losing our precious Freedom of Speech. If we want anything of value to remain for future generations we need to act now, rally in the streets now, speak out now. Don't be cowed.

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